Bronchoscopes Market Research Report- Forecast till 2030

Bronchoscopes Market Information, By Types (Rigid Bronchoscopes, Flexible Bronchoscopes), Application (Diagnosis (Examination, Tissue Specimen for Biopsy), Surgical Procedure), End User (Hospitals & Clinics, Diagnostic Centers) - Forecast till 2030

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Bronchoscopes Market

Bronchoscopes have been adopted by various regions and countries where it has become an important part of the medical unit.

By Types Rigid Bronchoscopes Flexible Bronchoscopes
By Application Diagnosis Surgical Procedure
By End User Hospitals & Clinics Diagnostic Centers
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Ambu Inc. (US)   Boston Scientific Corporation (US)   Cogentix Medical (US)   Fujifilm Holdings Corporation (Japan)    Olympus Corporation (Japan)   Pentax Medicals (Japan)   KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Market Driving Forces   Improvement of various policies of the government   Growth in the aging population
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Bronchoscopes Market Overview

The Bronchoscopes Market is anticipated to reach USD3,657.7 Million by 2030 at 9.3% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030. It is a method for diagnosing the abnormalities in the breathing system function. Bronchoscopes have been adopted by various regions and countries where it has become an important part of the medical unit. Bronchoscopes are the devices that are to be inserted into the patient’s body i. E into the nose, mouth, and within the trachea thus visualizing the inside body of the patient’s body. An advanced bronchoscope is introduced for diagnosing the disease of the trachea and bronchi. The important factors that help in driving the bronchoscopes market are the rise in prevalence of respiratory tract disorders for detection of lung cancer, COPD, rise in bronchoscopy procedures and rise in the number of medical organizations.


It has been marked that before COVID and the improvement lockdown and shutdown, the bronchoscopes market was attaining a top position and was expanding to a high level. Due to the strict regulations put forward by the government and the lockdowns and shutdowns of industries and manufacturers suffered from various hardships like the absence of any manufacturing parts, supply, man force, and many others.

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the rise in the aging population and the patient’s inflow was more in medical and clinics which gradually increased the demand for bronchoscopes and raised the bronchoscopes market size. Globally and regionally, all the bronchoscopes industries have taken all the required steps for raising their production and also the supply, which increases the demand for various other products, making it cost-effective to return to its past growth. 


  • Drivers-¬†in the year 2015, WHO detected that about 64 million people are suffering from COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and about 3 million have died due to COPD and a further 1.8million of the population are suffering from lung cancer. The rise in respiratory disorders and the improvement of various policies of the government and the growth in the aging population are the main drivers of the¬†bronchoscopes¬†market.¬†The rise in giving priority to using invasive procedures and the increase in the number of unique procedures are the important factors promoting the expansion of¬†bronchoscopes market size.¬†Along with it some of the other factors like no cross-contamination, least costs while reprocessing, and increase in availability helps in the expansion of¬†bronchoscopes market size.

  • Opportunities-¬†reusing the bronchoscope devices improves the¬†bronchoscopes market share.¬†The flexible bronchoscope is used for multi-usage and cost-effectiveness which are very much useful in clinics and hospitals. This helps in the widespread development of the industry. The single-use bronchoscope is much more effective and is safe for tools to give protection from pathogens, viruses, and bacteria which even cause death in many humans. These are helpful for the detection of diseases like tumors, COPD, cancer of the lungs, and many more. These bronchoscope devices help in the reduction of infection.

  • Challenges-¬†bronchoscopes causing various disorders and infection is a main challenging factor for the¬†bronchoscopes industry¬†which hampers the¬†bronchoscopes market trends.¬†The rise in cost coupled with the bronchoscopes and the product recalls is another challenging factor for covering the¬†bronchoscopes market share¬†thus hampering the growth of the industry.

  • Cumulative growth-¬†urbanization, rise in investment made by the government. An increase in several healthcare sectors acts as a growth-promoting factor for the industry.

  • Restraints-¬†high expenses of the bronchoscopes and the prevalence of the high risk of infection, helps in hindering up the¬†bronchoscopes market share¬†and as well as the¬†bronchoscopes market.¬†Flexible devices of bronchoscopes are of high cost because they are insignificantly used for improving their efficiency and their versatility.


  • By type-¬†based on the segmentation type, it has been marked that the¬†bronchoscopes market is divided into type, use, application, and end-users. Based on the type, the bronchoscopes are classified into flexible and rigid and EBUD bronchoscopes. Based on application, the¬†bronchoscopes market is segmented into diagnosis and surgical procedures. Based on end-users the industry is differentiated into hospitals, clinics, and medicals. Based on region, the¬†bronchoscopes market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and many more. as per the type, the bronchoscopes market is divided into flexible bronchoscopes and rigid bronchoscopes. A flexible bronchoscope helps in diagnosing the disease in the trachea and bronchi as well. This division is further subdivided into fiber optic bronchoscopes and video bronchoscopes. As per the application, it has been found that the diagnosis market is divided into examination, the bleeding lungs, chronic cough if lung cancer is present, the airways of a patient, and obtaining tissue specimens for biopsy. The surgical procedure is categorized into the removal of a foreign substance present in the airway and lase resection of tumors and many more. Based on end-users, it has been found that the market is classified into hospitals and clinics, diagnostic centers, and many more. Hospitals and clinics hold the largest market CAGR of 49.1%. It has been found that the diagnosis holds the most dominant share of 885.7 million and its projects are at USD 1484.2 million till the forecast period of 2023. According to tot he uses, the¬†bronchoscope industry¬†is classified based on usability by the reusable bronchoscopes and disposable bronchoscope, from all these, the reusable bronchoscope covers a large market share in 2019 for having high quality for imaging. Likewise, the disposable bronchoscope grows at the highest rate and covers a large space.

  • By technology-¬†technology led to the discovery of introducing autofluorescence imaging and imaging of narrowband having some of its additional characteristics. The flexible bronchoscope devices are in high demand in various emerging regions and some of the developing countries which give appropriate results and can diagnose diseases in both trachea and bronchi. Technology also led to the discovery of rigid bronchoscope devices and EBUS bronchoscopes which gave appropriate results.


Globally and regionally, the presence of high population and spending a huge sum on healthcare and well-developed healthcare sector. In the North American industry, it has been found that more of the investment is made in the healthcare centers whereas it got more support from the government research and its policies. North America is expected to cover a large area of market share during the market forecast period. The United States conducts 500,000 procedures each year. This helps in steering up the bronchoscopes market size. The European bronchoscopes market holds the second largest market share as it has developed healthcare units. Along with this, the people here are spending too much on respiratory diseases and medicals and clinics. The European bronchoscopes market share projects at a CAGR of 6.9% during the forecast period. Due to the rise of awareness about the availability of treatment, the increase in several narrow people here, high patient inflow, and the innumerous rise in healthcare expenditure. The Middle East and African regions contribute to certain limited growth.


  • Olympus in May 2014, discovered two unique and new endoscopes which are used for periphery and as small anatomy bronchoscopy. They are named BF-190 and BF-XP 190.

  • The flexible endoscope was found to be so much developed. Here in this endoscope, it was found that the video clips help in the transmission of video visuals which helps in monitoring through the scope or wirelessly. This reduces the width of the endoscope.


Of all the key players, Olympus was found to be the most dominant bronchoscopes market player as it has used the advanced developments so made and has attained a successful position. These key players used all the latest technology so made and either merged, did partnership or made collaboration with other key players.


The report highlights the transformation of the bronchoscopes market scenario. It gives a good analysis of COVID 19 and also gives information about the bronchoscopes market dynamics and the factors that helped in driving the bronchoscopes market. It also summarises the challenging factors, restraining factors, narrow and the points that promoted cumulative growth in the bronchoscopes industry. It gives information about the innovation made due to the advancement of technology, it gives a good review about the key players operating in the market and the strategies put forward by them to bring growth in the bronchoscopes business sector. It gives information about the recent developments so made and the multiple applications so operated in the bronchoscopes industry. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The Bronchoscopes Market valuation would be USD 3,657.7 Million by 2030.

The CAGR of Bronchoscopes Market would be 9.3% for the forecast period (2022-2030).

The segments are rigid bronchoscopes and flexible bronchoscopes.

Diagnosis and surgical procedure are two processes included in the report.

The end users are diagnostic centers, hospitals & clinics, and others.