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Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Share

ID: MRFR//6411-CR | 80 Pages | Author: Chitranshi Jaiswal| May 2019

The construction business is getting bigger in countries like India, China, Thailand, and Indonesia because they're spending more money on building things like offices and bridges. In India, the government's Smart Cities Mission is making construction happen faster, especially for tunnels and bridges. In China, they started a massive project in 2013 called the One Belt, One Road Initiative, which connects China with many other countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. This is making the construction industry in China grow. In Thailand, the government approved a plan in 2016 to spend a lot of money on building things like railways and tunnels. The Middle East & Africa is also seeing more construction because they're moving away from relying only on oil and investing in building things. In Europe, there are tunnel projects like Follo Line in Oslo/Norway, Citybanan in Stockholm/Sweden, and Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link between Denmark and Germany.

Also, there's a growing need for metals like steel, aluminum, copper, cobalt, lithium, and magnesium because more people want cars and electronic gadgets in countries that are still developing. Cars are becoming lighter and using electric power, so there's a higher demand for metals like aluminum and lithium. Electric vehicles, like electric buses and bikes, are using lithium-ion batteries because they're lightweight and can store a lot of energy. The electronics industry is also growing, with more people wanting smartphones, TVs, and other devices. These gadgets need metals like copper, lithium, and aluminum because they're good at carrying electricity and can store a lot of energy. This increasing demand for metals is making the mining industry grow, and that's where blasting stemming plugs come in—they help with the exploding processes in mining to make it safer and more effective. So, as the construction and mining industries grow, the need for blasting stemming plugs is also increasing.

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Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Overview

The outlook for the blasting stem plugs market looks good for the near-term and long-term future. The CAGR for the industry is projected to be 4.97% until December of 2030. In mining operations, the blasting stem plugs are heavily used. Also, the blasting stem plugs are highly preferred as it is helpful to reduce overall mining costs. The demand for blasting stem plugs in the mining companies is projected to drive the global market growth in the assessment period.

The worldwide Blasting Stemming Plugs Market has been spread across various areas like Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the rest of the world. The Asia Pacific regional market is projected to dominate the global market in the coming years due to the rising demand for various metals and high economic growth in the region.

The global market for Blasting Stemming Plugs has been segmented based on type and industry. Further, the type segment has been segmented into coarse sand, fast hardening concretes, crushed stone chips, and others. Among these, the crushed stone chip segment is projected to dominate the global market during the assessment timeframe because of the rising demand over the segment among the mining segment. The industry segment has been classified into construction, mining, and others. The mining industry is expected to lead the global Blasting Stemming Plugs Market throughout the review period.

Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Key companies

  • Advanced Blasting Technology Inc (US)

  • MOCAP (US),

  • Stemlock, Inc (US),

  • AMA Group (India),

  • Paraplug (US),

  • Superplug SA (South Africa),

  • AECE (South Africa)

  • Vala Stemming Systems (South Africa).

Global Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Revenue, by Material Type, 2023 (USD Million)  Blasting Stemming Plugs Market_Image

Sources: MRFR Analysis

COVID-19 analysis

COVID-19 has adversely affected the Blasting Stemming Plugs Market. Many nations have implemented quarantines and lockdowns. Some of these have been indefinite. This is the case in India. Though they have had limited success in containing the spread of the virus, they’ve had a negative consequence.

Many of the raw materials needed to make blasting stem plugs are in short supply because these manufacturers have found their operations either halted or interrupted because of COVID-19 imposed quarantines and lockdowns. However, the outlook for the blasting stem plugs market looks bright in the post-COVID-19 world.

Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Dynamics


The primary driver behind blasting stems plugs amazing market growth is the fact that mining operations are experiencing phenomenal growth worldwide. The growth in the mining industry is primarily driven by greater investments in mineral exploration by global mining majors.

Many industries that use metals are also experiencing extraordinary growth. This is another secondary factor that is driving growth in the Blasting Stemming Plugs Market. For example, the automotive, electronics and electrical, and building and construction industries have been experiencing insatiable demand for many metals (these are mined from the ground!)


Breakneck (oftentimes double-digit) growth in developing economies like Peru and Botswana is presenting amazing opportunities for the blasting stems plug industry. Companies in these markets increasingly demand metals and other raw minerals that are capable of merging with the latest in technology to create innovative and useful solutions.


Concern for the environment is holding the blasting stems plug industry from realizing its true growth and potential.


Environmental groups around the world and activists (like the Swedish Greta Thunberg) have been increasingly vocal about the damage that mining operations cause to the environment. These environmentalists are putting increasing pressure on governments around the world to regulate where and how companies in the mining industry can operate.

Mining companies can overcome this challenge only by finding innovative mining solutions and practices that are environment and regulation-friendly. They often need to turn to the latest technological advancements to do this.

Cumulative growth analysis

The CAGR for the Blasting Stemming Plugs Market is huge. It’s also growing every year. The industry alone is expected to be worth more than 307.1 million US Dollars by December 2023. Many industries and companies around the world need highly efficient stemming materials. These make blasting operations more efficient and drive down total mining costs. This also allows companies in the mining industry to make more money in general.

Technology analysis

New technologies have enabled blasting stems plug manufacturers to develop and bring an entirely new generation of blasting stems plugs to market. The new peri-stem plugs help reduce the overall waste that is generated during blasting operations. This allows miners to extract more of the valuable metals and less waste. It also allows mining companies to make much more money while saving millions.

Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Segment overview

By type

Of all of the types of blasting stems plugs the crushed stone chip ones are the most popular in the mining industry. Perhaps this is the reason why it’s currently the leader in the blasting stems plugs industry. Indeed, its CAGR is high until December of 2023.

By industry

The mining and construction industry use blasting stem plugs the most. Therefore, demand and CAGR are the greatest in this industry. The Blasting Stemming Plugs Market share was greatest for the mining industry in 2017. its CAGR is expected to be 5.32% by the end of 2023. Its market worth will be 449.1 million US Dollars by then.

Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Regional Analysis

The blasting stemming plugs market share was highest in the Asia-Pacific region at 44.1%. This was in 2017. China is expected to be the leader in the Asia-Pacific region given its high economic growth and strong and increasing demand for various metals. This is largely spurred by amazing growth in the building and construction industry.

India comes in second place in terms of market share and CAGR. in fact, its CAGR for the period is expected to be 5.96%. Its market is expected to be valued at 117.1 million US Dollars by the end of 2023.

The CAGR in the North American market is expected to be 4.32%. The total market worth in North America is expected to be 117.1 million US Dollars by the end of 2023. Major industries like the automotive and electrical and electronics industries are experiencing fast growth. This is creating a strong and growing demand for raw minerals and metals.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will have a CAGR of 4.87% during this time period. The gulf states had the second-highest blasting stemming plugs market share. Turkey had the highest at 28%.

Global Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Share, by Region, 2017 (%)  Blasting Stemming Plugs Market_Image

Sources: MRFR Analysis

Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Competitive landscape

There is substantial competition in the blasting stem plugs market. This is largely attributed to a high overall CAGR and a global market that is lucrative in general. Companies are surviving by investing in R&D to bring new and innovative products to market. They are also forming partnerships and entering into joint ventures with other companies around the world.

A key player in the blasting stem plugs market is Advanced Blasting Technology Inc. This is an American company. It has come up with a new generation of blasting stem plugs known as RockLock. It’s a flexible plastic plug that doesn’t melt easily even when subjected to very high temperatures. This promises to make mining operations more efficient, safer, and more productive.

Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Recent Developments

The major key players in this industry are Advanced Blasting Technology Inc (US), Stemlock, Inc (US), MOCAP (US), Paraplug (US), AMA Group (India), AECE (South Africa), Superplug SA (South Africa), Vala Stemming Systems (South Africa) and others. Recently, the prominent market player AMA Group has focused on the blasting stemming plugs to grow its popularity worldwide with affordable substitutes.

Blasting Stemming Plugs Market Report overview

The blasting stems plugs industry is experiencing phenomenal CAGR, at least until the end of 2023. This is largely driven by increased usage of raw minerals and metals by major industries. Mining produces these metals and raw minerals. The future of the blasting stems plug industry is bright in spite of increased environmental regulation. The reason why is because there are no real and affordable substitutes. A new generation of blasting plugs is driving growth in the market and industry.

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