Automotive Steering Systems Companies

Automotive steering system companies design and manufacture steering components and systems for vehicles. Their products include power steering systems, steering columns, and related components, ensuring precise and responsive steering control in automobiles.

Automotive Steering System Key Company

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Latest Company Updates:

July 2023

At the 30th Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show, starting on August 10, Mitsubishi will present a brand-new small SUV. One of the characteristics of the new SUV is the addition of a Wet mode. Before this vehicle's official debut, Mitsubishi Motors unveiled a teaser film previewing the small SUV and a concept video showcasing the Dynamic Sound system, a joint venture between Mitsubishi and Yamaha (the division that makes musical instruments).

A number of components are included in the integrated control system for the four drive modes, including power steering control, Active Yaw Control (AYC), which improves controllability by shifting power to the front wheels, traction control to lessen tyre skidding, and engine control. The car can easily manage a variety of road conditions thanks to its extensive system.

The ASEAN area will be the focus of the compact SUV's maiden launch. The new model features 222mm of ground clearance. Additionally, drivers have a choice of four driving conditions: normal, wet, gravel, and mud. Wet mode was developed primarily to minimise loss of control during unexpected downpours or flooded highways.

June 2023

Bosch hopes to commercially provide steer-by-wire systems to the market soon. The supplier of technologies and services is moving forward in collaboration with the company Arnold NextG. The two parties recently formed a partnership to pool their development experience and quicken the solutions' market readiness process.

Future-oriented steering systems are thought to be steer-by-wire ones. Steer-by-wire systems have great promise, and Bosch, one of the top manufacturers of electric steering systems, saw this potential early on and is steadily advancing their development.

Top listed global companies in the industry are:

  • TRW Automotive Holdings(US)
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan)
  • Sona Koyo Steering System Ltd (India)
  • JTEKT Corporation (Japan)
  • Nexteer Automotive(US)
  • Thyssenkrupp Presta (US)
  • Robert Bosch Automotive Steering Gmbh (Germany)
  • China Automotive System Inc. (China), and others.