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Aircraft Interface Device Market Research Report – Global Forecast till 2030

Aircraft Interface Device Market: Information by Connectivity (Wired and Wireless), by Aircraft Type (Fixed-Wing and Rotary-Wing), by End-User (Civil and Military), by Fit (Line-fit and Retrofit), and by Region, Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/A&D/5991-HCR | December 2022 | Region: Global | 125 Pages         

Aircraft Interface Device Market

Aircraft Interface Device Market Size Valued at USD 369.43 Million, market Grow at a CAGR Of 12.02% by 2020 -2030


By Connectivity Wired Wireless
By Aircraft Type Fixed-Wing Rotary-Wing
By End-User Civil Military

Key Players

  • Astronic corporation in the US
  • Avionica Inc. in the US
  • Avio vision( a part of Thales) in France
  • Collins aerospace( a part of united technology corporation) in the US
  • Esterline technologies corporation in the US
  • Honeywell International Inc. in the US
  • navAero( apart of global eagle entertainment Inc. in the US
  • SCI Technology Inc. ( a part of Sanmina corporation) in the US
  • Shadin avionics in the US
  • Teledyne Technologies Inc. in the US
  • Recent market development


  • Increased demand for the new aircraft
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Aircraft Interface Device Market Overview

Aircraft Interface Device Market Size Valued at USD 369.43 Million, market Grow at a CAGR Of 12.02% by 2020 -2030

Many software and hardware are used in the aircraft system, but the aircraft interface devices are the hardware that is the interface between the flight bag and the aircraft data bus. It is used in the aircraft to locate the location and store the data. This system is also used to retrieve the aircraft's location, which helps update the weather information and other flight plans. It is used in the communication between the staff, which will improve the decision-making process for the flight. It becomes a smart device for the smart cockpit concept.

When the aircraft interface device is connected to the aircraft, that automatically improves the fuel efficiency, enhances the flight's performance, and improves the safety of the flight, making it tremendous hardware for the system. The main importance of the aircraft interface device is to track the flight, quickly access the recording, and monitor the aircraft system. 

From 2018 to 2023, the aircraft interface device market is expected to register a CAGR of more than 10%. The devices make it efficient to store data without the interference of the ground support operators. The  Aircraft Interface Device Market Analysis shows significant growth with the growing demand for airliners. This system will work in favor of the aircraft interface device market size.

COVID 19 analysis

The impact of the pandemic is massive, because of which many sectors are facing tremendous loss in the business world. Due to social distance and other government rules, people started avoiding visiting places, which led to less demand for transportation, whether it's air or land. In 2020, air travel faced a lot of losses, including other traveling means.

At that time, many airplanes were grounded as no passengers were there to travel due to the covid 19 spread fear because of which the industry faced a lot less revenue in that year. The aviation industry also faced a lot of losses which directly impacted the aircraft interface device market. Aircraft and airlines suffered a lot in the pandemic, and still trying to cope, many companies and businesses stopped investing in the aircraft interface device market.

Chief variables existing in the market

  • Key market drivers

Recently there has been growth in global air travel, and increased demand for the new aircraft is the main driver to grow the market in the forecast period. Many developing countries are trying to improve the country's security system while making the country ready for anything serious like battle or war.

The government is issuing to adopt new technologies for the military aircraft, which will also drive the market. There has been a rise in defense expenditure, a driving point for the market. The technology factor is improving the need for effective operating mechanisms, advanced communication, and improving the situation awareness among the people also increase the growth of the aircraft and airliners. The aircraft interface device market share tends to increase with the market drivers.

  • Market challenge

The security threat is a high challenge for the Aircraft interface device market growth. As cyberattack is increasing day by day in every sector, everyone is concerned about securing the sensitive data of their sectors. Still, due to less system, it becomes difficult for each sector. Data protection from cyber-attacks becomes a huge challenge for aircraft and airlines. Airlines using wireless aircraft interface devices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

  • Opportunities in the global market

The aircraft interface device market is only connected to classes two and three flight bags in airlines and aircraft. Still, these can also be connected with standard aviation systems and much more advanced systems to make it easier for the pilot to detect the location with the moving maps and others which becomes an opportunity for the market. When the aircraft interface device gets connected with the IEFC, it can provide many facilities to the passengers like online games, chatting, calling, SMS, shopping, and more. The variety of entertainment processes can increase the aircraft interface's growth rate device market.

  • Restrains

The clearance of the certification could be a restrain for the market. First, the aircraft interface device needs to provide trials on durability, structural, and environmental standards before the certification, which becomes a huge restrain for the market. The variation in hardware and software failure in the middle of the air can severely affect the aircraft. Hence, the airworthiness of the aircraft interface devices is important, which becomes another restrain for the market. The aircraft interface device market value could be a concern for the market with the restrains.

  • Cumulative evaluation of the market

Cumulative evaluation of the aircraft interface device market grows with a high growth rate. The evaluation is done based on drivers and opportunities that contribute to the market and will further grow. The restrain and the challenges of the market also impact the market; for the improvement of the market, every factor is necessary to consider. The aircraft interface devices are the hardware that can make the aircraft more efficient and reliable. According to the Aircraft interface device market forecast, the market will showcase a significant growth rate.

Overview of the main market segment

  • By connectivity

 The market is further divided into wired and wireless based on the connectivity segment. The wireless segment will increase the CAGR of the market in the forecast period as in the wireless connectivity, the data transferred between aircraft and the MRO engineers are made using radiofrequency. The real-time operation provides the data required for the aircraft, like location, destination, and other information, which improves the system's quality.

  • By aircraft type

The aircraft type into the fixed winged and rotatory wing further infuriates the aircraft interface device system. The fixed-wing segment will increase the market's growth rate as there has been a rise in the number of passengers, and it will be easier for the narrow and wide-body aircraft to maintain it.

  • By end-user

The market is divided into civil and military based on the end-user segment. As the device is widely used by airlines and aircraft operators to ensure safety and for other aircraft operations, the civil segment will dominate the market in the forecast period.

  • By fit

The aircraft interface device market based on the segment fir is segmented into line fit and retrofit. As time improves, many sectors are improving their technology and modernizing devices for better operation. The airliners are also modernizing various aircraft to make them more efficient, which increases the retrofit segment and it will show the highest CAGR in the forecast period. 

Regional analysis

The global aircraft interface device market is widened into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and other parts. Many major aircraft manufacturers are present in North America; for example, Boeing, they improve the market share of North America to a high extent. The demand for aircraft and commercial airlines is also improving in the North American region. The region is also improving the defense sector to increase surveillance and transport activity, which increases the aircraft interface device market.

Competitive intensity in the industry

The competitive intensity of the aircraft interface device market depends on the market players that affect the market. Based on Aircraft Interface Device Market Trends, many prominent market players are available who are developing the market with all the effort. Some of the most important ones are mentioned here. 

  • Astronic corporation in the US

  • Avionica, Inc. in the US

  • Avio vision( a part of Thales) in France

  • Collins aerospace( a part of united technology corporation) in the US

  • Esterline technologies corporation in the US

  • Honeywell International Inc. in the US

  • navAero( apart of global eagle entertainment Inc. in the US

  • SCI Technology, Inc. ( a part of Sanmina corporation) in the US

  • Shadin avionics in the US

  • Teledyne Technologies, Inc. in the US

  • Recent market development

The American company general electric will fragment itself into three public companies focusing on aviation, health care, and energy to improve the market value.

Avionics international recently ended the joint venture with GE and became an independent company again.

 Report overview

The aircraft interface device market overview shows how each factor affects the market. Each factor impacts the market either positively or negatively. The aircraft interface devices market outlook highlights each research method used in the report. A brief analysis has been made to deliver the market established in the report. The report consists of research gathered from a very well research medium. The report consists market overview, drivers, segments, restraints, competitive analysis, and others that improve the quality of the market. Different companies interested in stepping into the market should absorb all the information clearly and restore them for use.

Key industrial segments 

By connectivity

  • Wired

  • Wireless

By aircraft type

  • Fixed-wing

  • Rotatory wing

By end-user

  • Civil

  • Military

By fit

  • Line fit

  • retrofit

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Aircraft interface device market can expand at 12.02% CAGR by 2030.

Astronics Corporation (US), AvioVision, and Avionica, Inc. (US) are some reputed names in the aircraft interface device market.

The increase in need for retrofit can promote aircraft interface device market.

Delay in rolling out 5G connectivity technology can hinder the aircraft interface device market.