Growing Demand for Aerospace And Defense Across the Globe is Expected to Boost the Demand for Utility Aircraft Market During the Forecast Period 2027 : MRFR : :

Pune, India, Oct 2021, MRFR Press Release/Market Research Future has published a Half- Cooked Research Report on the Global Utility Aircraft Market.

Market Forecast

The global utility aircraft market is projected to register a CAGR of 4.2% between 2021 and 2027. A utility aircraft is a general-purpose aircraft used for cargo & passenger transportation, peacekeeping, firefighting, humanitarian aid, and agricultural applications. Also, these are employed for a wide range of military applications, includingmilitary logistics, command & control,air assault, and troop transportation. These aircraftusually have a small capacity.

The increasing military expenditure and growing air freight demandare primarily driving the growth of the global utility aircraft market. There has been robust growth in militaryspending from governments across the world for bolstering their military capabilities. The military budgets are expected to remain stable and witness incremental growth in the coming years despite the shock to the global economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A significant portion of this rising military budget has been towards the modernization of military aircraft and equipment. Much of this can be attributed to the growing need for new and improved utility aircraft for a wide range of military operations.

As per SIPRI, the overall military expenditure across the globe rose to USD 1,981 billion in 2020, registering an increase of 2.6% over 2019 figures. The world GDP reduced by nearly 4.2%, primarily owed to the shocks to the economic growthcaused by the emergenceof the pandemic in the same period. As a result, the military burden, calculated as military expenditure as a share of GDP, witnessed an increase of 0.2%, reaching a global average of 2.4% in 2020. The 0.2% increment in military expenditure was the largest year-on-year military burden increment since 2009’s global economic crisis.

The US alone sanctioned military budgets of nearly USD 778 billion in 2020, registering a 4.4% increase over 2019 and a major share of 39.27% in the overall world military expenditure in 2020. Increasing investment in R&D and rising focus onmilitary modernization, including military equipment and aircraft, and large-scale procurement of arms. China had the second-highest military budget,with its military expenditure estimated to be aroundUSD 252 billion in 2020. Even after the shock to the GDP growth caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of the countries plan to continue increasing their military expenditureover the coming years. Amidst the rising geopolitical tensions and military spending towards R&D, the major economies are expected to continue increasing their military spending to bolster their military capabilities, thereby driving the growth of the global utility aircraft market during the forecast period.

Market USP

Increasing demand for multi-purpose utility aircraft

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Segmental Analysis

By System Type

The fixed-wing segment is expected to witness considerable growth in the market: The fixed-wing segment is anticipated to register significant growth over the forecast timeline. Growing air freight demand and increasing application of fixed-wing utility aircraft are expected to contribute to the growth of the fixed-wing segment.

The rotary-wing segment held a significant market share in 2020: The rotary-wing segment accounted for a considerable market share in 2020. Increasing demand for utility helicopters for military applications, ranging from logistics and troop transportation to air assault and command & control. The utility helicopters are often equipped with effective weaponry and precision sensors to carry out a range of complex missions during a single flight. Rotary-wing utility aircraft are often preferred over their fixed-wing counterparts for operations, such as escort, search & rescue, and aerial reconnaissance. In addition, these kinds of utility aircraft are also used for counter-terrorism, personnel transport, and disaster relief operations. Moreover, these are also employed by government departments in various roles to support their operations.

By Application

The commercial segment is likely to registersignificant growth in the market: The commercial segment is forecasted to have considerable growth in the coming years during the forecast period.Much of this can be ascribed to the growing demand for utility aircraft for various applications, including agriculture, air freight, passenger transportation, medical support, among others.

Some of the utility aircraft are specifically designed or customized for agriculture applications, particularly aerial applications of fertilizers and/or pesticides. Such utility aircraft are often referred to as crop dusters. These usually include fixed-wing aircraft. However, rotary-wing utility aircraft or helicopters are used for agricultural applications.

Also, utility aircraft are being employed for air medical support. These aircraft, including airplanes and helicopters, are used to move patients from accident scenes to hospitals or other healthcare facilities. Such aircraft are also used to provide urgent medical support in remote areas that do not have needed medical facilities nearby.

The non-commercial segment accounted for a considerable share in 2020: The non-commercial segment held a significant market share in 2020.It comprises peacekeeping, search & rescue, firefighting, military logistics, air assault, command & control, troop transportation, humanitarian aid.

Utility aircraft that are used in firefighting applications comprise airplanes as well as helicopters. These are part of an aerial firefighting fleet,primarily leased or owned by concerned government authorities. These are used to provide assistance to rescue teams with search & rescue and evacuation operations.

Key Players Operating in the Global Utility Aircraft Market:

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation (US)

  • Airbus S.A.S. (Netherlands)

  • Bombardier Inc. (Canada)

  • Textron Inc. (US)

  • Leonardo S.p.A. (Italy)

  • Changhe Aircraft Industries Group Co. Ltd. (China)

  • Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. (China)

  • Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A. (Italy)

  • Daher Aerospace, S.A. de C.V. (France)

  • United Aircraft Corporation (Russia)