Ureteral Stents Market - Urinary Diseases and Kidney Transplants to Boost Sales :

Pune, India, February 13, 2018 /MRFR Press Release/- Market research future published a Half cooked research report on Global Ureteral Stents Market.

Market Analysis

Ureteral stents are hollow & thin tubes that are inserted in ureters to treat or prevent obstacles during ‘urine-flow.’ They find applications in urological surgeries for retaining ureter patency & ensuring proper urinary-drainage. Ureteral stents are employed by the right end-users through various endourological procedures. They are mainly inserted with the help of cytoscopes. Multiple factors; like kidney stones, prostate cancers, and pre-operative patients draw the adoption of ureteral stents.

These stents enable the transport of remaining fragments without causing obstructions. Stents are also used for scratched ureters. Frankly, any kind of ureter surgery normally involves stents for ureter-treatments. Some other propellers of the ureteral stents market include tumors, bladder irregularities, & ureteral scarring/narrowing. With a rise in such cases, the global ureteral stents market is set to grow at a substantial CAGR in the forecast period.

Propellers & Drawbacks

The ureteral stents market is mainly driven by all medical conditions that need these tubes. The world is experiencing a rise in kidney stones, because of certain factors. These factors encompass regular consumption of alcohol, animal proteins, calcium, vitamin supplements, etc. Of the different ‘kidney-stone’ treatments available, ureterorenoscopy & ureteroscopy observe the widest adoption of these stents, thereby driving the industry.

Alongside, kidney transplants propel market demand. All kidney replacement surgeries require ureteral stents inside the human body, till patients adjust to their new kidneys. Infection, dislocation, & obstruction complexities may result from the adoption of urinary stents, negatively impacting the market. Also, patients could experience discomfort or other problems while passing urine. All these factors urge research & development firms to create new products, slowing down the market.

Inactive lifestyles and aging population are important contributors to urinary disorders. Thus, both of them add to the usage of these stents, promoting market sales. Other factors affecting the market comprise unhealthy food, metabolic disorders, obesity, and dehydration. Novel smartphone applications are advantageous for doctors & patients, raising market expansion. Other hindrances that prevent further industry-progress are scarcity of proficient doctors and intricacies across extractions & placements.  

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Classification and Regional Overview

The worldwide market is classified into materials, kinds, applications, and regions. Silicon, metal, hydrogel, plastic, polyurethane, etc. form the materials. The kinds encompass closed end, double pigtail, open end, and multiloop. Based on applications, the market consists of lithotripsy, ureterorenscopy, and others. Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and the Middle East & Africa constitute the geographies.

Emerging markets, such as Europe and North America are predicted to undergo swift expansion. Their increasing participants, research & developments, and urology incidences drive their sales. Asia Pacific would observe decent trends, as a consequence of its expanding medical infrastructure & supportive ‘patient-demographics.’  Asia Pacific is home to even more patients suffering from these diseases. With better fiscal conditions in India, China, and Brazil; majority of the business expansion could be ascribed to the collective demand from these nations. The Middle East specializes in advanced urology services.

Players and New Trends 

Prominent firms investing in the global ureteral stents market are Urovision, Allium Medical Solutions, Urotech, Teleflex, Mednova, and several others. Multiple advancements with regards to the design & growth of ureteral stents have seen the light of day. These innovations are aimed at lowering stent-related ‘side-effects.’  Some of these include infections, irritability, and bladder discomfort.

‘Bard Medical’ is another renowned manufacturer that helps medical experts in ureteroscopic, cystoscopic, & nephroscopic methods. The past years have witnessed design changes in the form of drug-eluting stents, drug-coated stents, and localized stenting. Thus, many of the eminent companies focusing on product innovations and regional expansion are bound to generate higher revenues & recognition.