The Global Oat Milk Market will grow at a 7.2% CAGR and reach USD 6.47 billion By 2028 :

August 2021, MRFR Press Release/- Market Research Future has published a Half-Cooked Research Report on the Global Oat Milk Market.

Market Forecast

Global Oat Milk Market size is projected to be valued at USD 6.47 Billion till 2028 with a CAGR of 6.2% between 2021 and 2028. The demand for oat milk is increasing with rising awareness regarding its various health benefits. The dairy-alternative industry has registered tremendous growth in the past few years, and the same trend is expected in the case of the oat milk market. Additionally, North American & European markets are witnessing growing demand for oat milk.

Global Oat Milk Market is expected to register a notable growth rate during the forecast period. Increasing health consciousness and awareness about the benefits of oat milk are expected to further fuel the demand for oat milk among consumers. Oat milk reduces the risk of osteoporosis and maintains cardiovascular health. As per the data sourced from the World Health Organization (WHO), 17.9 million people die annually, with cardiovascular problems accounting for 31% of the global deaths in 2016. Additionally, growing concerns regarding animal welfare, human health, and the environment have led to a rise in the trend of veganism, which has now become mainstream. The increasing prevalence of veganism has further fueled the demand for oat milk among consumers. Furthermore, with increasing per capita disposable incomes in the emerging economies, the rising demand for oat milk is anticipated to offer lucrative opportunities for oat milk manufacturers across the globe.

Market USP

Increasing awareness regarding the health benefits of oat milk

Growth Opportunities in the Market

Increase in the Demand for Low-Fat Products: Oat milk is enriched with nutrients including potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamins A, B, and D. Oat milk lowers blood cholesterol level and provides essential calcium that keeps the bones strong. The fat content in oat milk is very low as compared to goat milk and cow milk.

Easy Availability of Oat Milk in Store-Based Distribution Channels: Easy accessibility of oat milk in store-based distribution channels has resulted in its popularity. Additionally, the increasing number of store-based channels for the sale and purchase of oat milk worldwide, such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores, has resulted in the dominance of the store-based distribution channels. However, companies are opting for online distribution platforms to widen their consumer reach.

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Key Players

  • Oatly (Europe)

  • Rise Brewing (US)

  • Happy Planet Foods (US)

  • Thrive Market. (US)

  • Califia Farms (US)

  • PepsiCo (US)

  • Elmhurst (US)

  • Pacific Foods (US)

  • Danone (US)

  • Chobani (US)