Smokeless Tobacco In The Middle East And Africa Market To Record Steady Growth In The Forecast Period :

July, 2022 /press release/- Market Research Future Published a Report on Global MEA Smokeless Tobacco Market Research Report.

One of the oldest forms of tobacco in the world, smokeless tobacco, is effectively known to deliver nicotine without combustion. It is also widely considered to be less harmful than regular tobacco. Due to the presence of many forms of smokeless tobacco according to user preferences globally, the market for smokeless tobacco has grown significantly. There has also been a momentous surge in the number of tobacco users worldwide thereby increasing the market share considerably. The Middle East & Africa smokeless tobacco market is anticipated to touch USD 980 million by the end of 2030 while developing at a CAGR of 8.65 percent approximately during the forecast period.

The preceding decade has witnessed an escalation in the level of investment in smokeless tobacco from the huge cigarette firms. However, the mounting regulatory pressure against them and cigarettes, chiefly in the form of public smoking bans, has limited the companies interest, causing them to refrain their business activities by spending in other nicotine and tobacco products. Moreover, the companies have established themself in the market by initiating spending on research and development to provide innovative products to the consumer and capture new consumer bases. Moreover, smokeless tobacco has established itself as a niche product because its consumption is focused on a few markets. This fact has also led to innovations in cigarette making such as capsule products, additive-free products, tube filters, slimmer products, and Reloc and others have expedited the pace of development of the market in the forecast period.

The popularity of smokeless tobacco products such as toombak, shammah, chemma and others are expected to surge among middle and low income community of consumers in the region. Due to the extensive range of products available, the intake of nasal smokeless tobacco such as taaba and neffa is also accelerating in this region. The market’s growth is also fuelled by the adoption of technology by consumers which has directly influenced the rising sales of various products through e-commerce channels.

Segmental Analysis

The market for Middle East and Africa smokeless tobacco is segmented on the basis of form, route, and type. The market segmentation on the basis of form segments the market into dry and moist. The moist segment is predicted to retain its dominance throughout the forecast period. The segment is also forecasted to grow at a considerable growth rate of 3.99 percent during the forecast period. On the basis of type, the market is segmented into dipping tobacco, chewing tobacco, dissolvable tobacco. Amongst all the types, dipping tobacco is leading the market and is estimated to hold the lion's share of 55.97 percent in 2017. Chewing tobacco is accredited to be holding a significant portion in the Middle East and Africa smokeless tobacco market through the forecast period. The basis of route segments the matket into oral and nasal. The oral segment is anticipated to maintain its control throughout the forecast period. The segment is estimated to increase at a considerable progress rate of 4.06 percent during the forecast period.

Detailed Regional Analysis

The Middle East & Africa smokeless tobacco market is segmented into the Middle Eastern region which comprises of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen and Rest of the Middle East. While the African region comprises of Madagascar, Sudan, DR Congo, Algeria, South Africa, Rest of Africa. The African region is responsible for a major market portion of 55.29 percent in the year 2017. Though, the Middle Eastern region is observed to be a rapidly increasing region in this market, whereas Yemen has the key market share of 47.87 percent in the year 2017. Also, Iraq in the Middle East region is projected to develop at a rapid rate during the forecast period.

Competitive Analysis

The companies in the market are intent on product innovation and the acquisition of similar businesses to expand their geographic presence and customer base. Moreover, the businesses are also increasingly disposed towards product promotion and reinforcing their marketing base. Japan Tobacco, Inc. (Japan), British American Tobacco PLC / RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company (U.K), Philip Morris International, Inc. (United States), and Swedish Match AB (Sweden), among others, are few of the strategic companies profiled in the Middle East & African smokeless tobacco market.