Global Logic Analyzer Market is estimated to grow by 14% of CAGR during forecast period 2017-2023 :

Pune, India, October 9, 2017 /MRFR Press Release/- Market Research Future published a half cooked research report on Logic Analyzer Market.

Market Highlights
The Digital oscilloscope market holds some of the Key players such as Tektronix, Inc (U.S.), Keysight Technologies (U.S.), Test Equity (U.S.), GW Instek (Taiwan), Teledyne LeCroy Corporation (U.S.), Atec (U.S.), GAO Tek (Canada), Honeywell Technologies solutions (U.S.), Hewlett Packard (U.S.) AccuSource Electronics (U.S.), and Hantek (China). The market for logic analyzer shows a slow growth globally and is majorly dependent on the growth in markets for memory devices and integrated circuits.

As a form of an oscilloscope, logic analyzer has a usage in viewing the digital waveforms from digital circuits majorly for rectifying the issues in timings. This functionality of displaying the time for the logic states specifying a logic low and high states is another factor driving the growth of the logic analyzer market. Logic analyzers having high functionality and channel counts are driving the market. However other products expand significantly both for analog and digital signals. The factors that account for the growth of the logic analyzer market is growing demand for error detection in digital circuits debugging and complex logic testing. However the applications of Logic analyzers in Integrated circuits, personal computers and memory devices combined is factor for growth of the logic analyzer market.

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Regional Analysis

The logic analyzer market is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period, 2017-2023. Consumer electronics segment of the logic analyzer leading the market. The modular logic analyzer is leading the market because of its high functionality and more number of channel counts. It has an advantage of integrated display that eases the viewing capabilities. Unlike portable and PC based display, there is no additional requirements of viewing display and connecting probes. On the other hand PC based logic analyzer is expanding in North America region due to its ease of installation for analog as well as digital signals and the compactness in size. The competitive landscape of the Logic Analyzer market is formed by some major players and many of the new entrants. The leaders constantly keep innovating for the new technology and investing in research and development for the cost effective portfolio. The logic analyzer market has driven many end users like automotive, consumer electronics, medical, communication and others.

The logic analyzer market is divided between North America, Europe, Asia pacific and Rest of the world. However the market for logic analyzer is leading and significantly growing in North America. Because of the huge demand of storage devices, integrated services and embedded systems is driving the market growth. North America is expected to lead the market for logic analyzer because of the increase in demand for the PC based logic analyzers and a high concentration of manufacturers of logic analyzer in countries like U.S. and Canada.