Circulating Tumor Cell Market to register a CAGR of 12.60% by 2027 :

Pune, India, March 27, 2018 /press release/- Market Research Future Published a Half Cooked Research Report on circulating tumor cell Research Report.

Market Overview:

Circulating tumor cells are also known as tumor generating cells. They has a capability to from a tumor in different part of the body which causes cancer. The exact cause of cancer is still unknown but it is expected that different factors like genetic, exposure to radiation and numerous daily habits are also responsible for causing cancer. Global circulating tumor cells market is expecting a luxurious growth in coming future due to increasing prevalence of cancer which has increased the demand of better diagnostic test for cancer. High cost of diagnosis and lengthy approval time both are major hurdles for the growth of this market. Global circulating tumor cell market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 12.60% during forecasted period of 2020-2027.

On regional basis global circulating tumor cell market is segmented into four major regions namely North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa. North America has the largest market in the global circulating tumor cell market. 45 % of the total global circulating tumor cell market is dominated by North America. Europe is the second largest market which is followed by Asia Pacific which is the third largest market. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region in the global market for the same due to increasing number of cancer patients. Rapid development in the healthcare sector and increasing demand of better diagnostic test for cancer in Asia Pacific has boosted this market in this region.


Global circulating tumor cell market is segmented on the basis of application which includes epithelial- mesenchymal transitions biomarker development, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and other. On the basis of technology the market is segmented into tumor cell detection, centrifugation, tumor cell enrichment and other. The tumor cell detection segment is further sub-segmented into optical methods and molecular methods.

On the basis of application, prostate cancer segment has the largest market share and it is also the fastest growing segment followed by breast cancer.

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Competitive Analysis

The global circulating tumor cell market is dominated by numerous player. Some of the major players are ApoCell, Inc. (US), Biocep Ltd. (Israel), Fluxion Biosciences, Inc. (US), Biocept, Inc. (US), Biofluidica Microtechnologies LLC (US), Creatv Microtech, Inc. (US), Celltraffix Inc. (US), Clearbridge Biomedics (Singapore), Janssen Diagnostics LLC (US), Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc. (US), STEMCELL Technologies, Inc. (Canada), Epic Biosciences Inc. (US), Ikonisys, Inc. (US), IVDiagnostics, Inc. (US), ScreenCell (France), RARECELLS SAS (Italy), Epic Sciences (US), QIAGEN Hannover GmbH (Germany), Celula (US), Advanced Cell Diagnostics (US) and AdnaGen (Germany)

Increasing demand of better diagnostic test and treatment for cancer has increase competition among major companies. Major companies are using the trend of strategic alliance and acquisition to gain the market and minimize competition in the same.

ApoCell, Inc. an US headquartered company that specializes in determining effectiveness of drugs of diabetes, cancer and other diseases by measuring their effect on molecular biomarkers. This company has teamed up with cancer genetics companies for cancer profiling and therapy selection. Apocell Inc. has introduced Apostream technology which is used to isolate the circulating tumor cells using the process known as dielectrophoresis field flow assist This company is recognized as the fastest growing private company in US in the past three years.

Epic Sciences is one of the leading company working to develop the sensitive diagnostic tests which helps to differentiate circulating tumor cells in blood. Currently this company is working on AR-V7 liquid biopsy test. It is expecting that there will be significant increase in the market due to the introduction of this test.

Fluxion biosciences launches new range of circulating tumor cell recovery kits for targeting epithelial- mesenchymal transitions cells.

Qiagen a sample and assay technologies provider for molecular diagnostics. They has acquired Exiqon in 2017 which is Danish molecular diagnostics company. Total revenue of, Exiqon in 2016 was US $1.33 billion. Qiagen also acquired  AdnaGen's CTC Enrichment Technology.