Edutainment Market Size Expected to Grow at a CAGR over 17.99% from 2022 to 2030 :

Market Research Future has Published a Half-Cooked Research Report on the Global Edutainment Market.

Market Forecast

Growing at a CAGR of 17.99%, the Global Edutainment Market is forecast to cross USD 17.99 Billion by 2030.

Market USP

Increased adoption of edutainment within the education industry as well as on an individual level.

Regional Analysis

North America: North America’s huge gaming industry and one of the largest films and television industries in the world ensure the growth of the edutainment market within the region.

  • US: The US has been involved in edutainment ever since the industry’s inception and is the largest market for it within North America. Most US teachers rely, formally and informally, on various edutainment apps to aid them in imparting education.

  • Europe: Edutainment finds widespread support within Europe, especially within Scandinavia.  

  • Finland: Finland is the most active proponent of ‘learning through fun’ and employs this throughout its education system, from primary school to graduate studies. The emphasis on interactive lessons and creative sessions serves as drivers for the edutainment market within the country.

  • UK: A renowned center for education worldwide, the UK is increasingly looking to edutainment in order to boost its knowledge imparting abilities.

  • Asia-Pacific: The largest regional edutainment market, Asia-Pacific has some of the largest edutainment companies, a huge young population, and a large market for smart devices, all factors which serve to drive the market within the region.

  • India: India has a very high density of edutainment companies and is actively looking for a synthesis between edutainment and traditionally imparted education. With over 65% of India’s population under 35 and India emerging as one of the largest smart devices market, the edutainment market within the country is expected to exhibit strong growth.

  • Middle East & Africa: The edutainment market is growing within this region due to a very large population under 35 and a growing commitment toward education. The growing smartphone and consumer electronics markets are expected to further boost sales. 

  • South America: South America is one of the smallest regional edutainment markets with excellent growth potential. South America speaks Spanish predominantly, ensuring that edutainment imparted in Spanish will find a base throughout the region.