Premiumization and Rejuvenation are the major trends in the Global Craft Cider Market :

Global Craft Cider Market – Overview

Amidst the free market structure and less of structural rigidities coupled with high rates of economic and demographic growth are indirectly contributing to the growth of craft cider market. Rising consumer awareness, informed consumers with clear perceptions and their willingness to engage in buying healthy goods are some of the elements that come together and fuel the demand of craft cider globally. The consumer behavior include the rate of adoption and their spending decision and as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of craft cider, the adoption rate of craft cider has been rising. With growing consumers’ health awareness and pursuit of healthy attributes, as well as corresponding purchasing behaviors, has opened up new market opportunities for industrial players to tap the unexplored market horizons. With increasing popularity of craft cider as one of the famous beverages, the number of breweries have increased to meet the increased demand from consumer’s side.

As cider drinkers are also more closely gender-balanced than beer drinkers so with female economic empowerment and gap minimization in labor force participation between males and females has expanded the consumer base and led to huge demand. Craft cider has been gaining popularity as consumers want to keep experimenting with the various flavors and keep introducing new flavors in the market. Flavored ciders are in huge demand and the most popular flavors include pineapple, cherry, blackberry, honeydew and cranberry. High focus on R & D sector has resulted in innovations in product line of the craft cider and market players focus on the quality and origin of ingredients. Unique flavor and processing method of craft cider is attracting consumers towards its consumption, thus raising its sale.

Industrial players seek to bring new items to the market to keep the consumers interested. Millennials and young Hispanic drinkers are the target consumers for the industrial players as they represent important segments of the population to consume higher proportion of craft cider. From popularity surge to becoming the choice of celebrities and influential trend setters in search of beverage bit sweeter than beer, craft cider has become popular drink in many countries. Premiumisation trend has led to the growing demand of hand crafted premium cider. Another trend of food traceability boosted the sales of craft cider as consumers look for genuine connections to orchards, farms, and land. The mass adoption of non-carbonated and non-pasteurized products is considered to be one of the significant drivers for this market. Increased consumer awareness about the craft ciders has raised the bar for quality, which, in turn, increase the market share of craft cider on the global level.

International retailers are attracted to enter and expand in regions such as India, China, Brazil and Mexico and gain strong foothold in the market owing to major factors such as cheap labor, ease of doing business, proactive policies and regulations further trigger the sales of craft cider. Companies are turning to various social media platforms to create brand awareness and boost retail sales. Mass market penetration is leading to the introduction of new products and their retail across various regions and the market players are responding to these new opportunities by expanding their service offerings/product lines, which has fueled up the market share of craft cider globally.

Local flavors, innovation in product & packaging, growing number of nanobreweries, sustainable & environmental responsible production and hit on established traditional brands are the major trends in the market. The “beerification of cider” has gained consumer’s attention as they perceive craft cider as sophisticated and premium beverage to go for. Industrial players focusing on product innovation has not only introduced exotic flavors such as Feijoa, cardamom, rose, ginger, orange and spirit flavors but also offer healthier & specialty alternatives to drive craft cider consumption.

Latest Industry Updates

November 2017, Bold Rock Hard Cider announced its plan to revamp its packaging and release its flagship Bold Rock Apple in a new packaging size including 15-packs of 12-ounce cans

October 2017, The Boston Beer Co. introduced Angry Orchard Pear under its brand Angry Orchard. The product is a hard fruit cider made with apples and pears and prepared with a blend of domestic culinary pears and apples

September 2017, Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders, a brand of Heineken USA, introduced a new product based on artisanal Blend that is a toast to heirloom cider apples captured in a lively, semi-sweet cider, appealing to both cider lovers and wine drinkers.

Global Craft Cider Market - Competitive Analysis

Craft cider market offers huge growth opportunities for the market players. Companies indulge in competition and extensively investing on R&D and marketing activities to leverage on current market trends. Industry players in the Craft cider segment often target millennial drinkers by offering them diverse drinking experience and seek to strengthen its product offerings and integrating the supply chain to cut down the production cost. The growth potential in the market has attracted new market players to enter in the craft cider segment. The increased internet penetration and social media buzz has allowed the industrial players to use these forums and create an awareness and expand the customer base.

With manufacturers aiming to capture a considerable share of the market segment as early as possible, they are competing and experimenting with various advantage points from both supply and demand side. The best long-term growth opportunities for this sector can be captured by ensuring ongoing process improvements and financial flexibility to invest in the optimal strategies. The key market players profiled in craft cider are Aston Manor Brewery, C&C Group plc, Carlsberg A/S, Distell Group, Halewood International Holdings PLC, Heineken N.V., POLABSKÝ MOŠT S.R.O. (Europe), and Molson Coors Brewing Company (U.S.), among many others.

Global Craft Cider Market – Segments

The global Craft cider market has been divided into raw material, type, packaging, and region.

On The Basis Of Source: Apple, Pear, Lime, Cranberry, Mixed Fruit and others

On The Basis Of Type: Dry Cider, Sweet Cider, Sparkling Cider, Still Cider and others

On The Basis Of Packaging: Bottle, Cans and others

On The Basis Of Region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW.

Global Craft Cider Market -

Regional Analysis

The global Craft cider market is segmented into North America, Europe, APAC, and Rest of the World (RoW). Global craft cider market is highly dominated by Europe and U.K. leads the European market owing to rich cider consumption in the country, favorable weather conditions for growing apples, and volume production of craft cider which brings in efficiency and cost savings. APAC is the fastest growing region due to changing lifestyle, influence of westernized culture, changing demographic trends, improved disposable income and strong performance of the retail sector in that region. The consumption of Craft cider in developing counties like Mexico, India, Brazil and China is expected to grow in upcoming years.