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Butyl Reclaimed Rubber Market is predicted to reach USD XX billion at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period

Pune, India, Sep 2022, MRFR Press Release/Market Research Future has published a Cooked Research Report on the Global Butyl Reclaimed Rubber Market.

Market Synopsis

The global Butyl Reclaimed Rubber market is projected to witness significant growth during the review period, exhibiting a CAGR of XX%. The market is expected to reach a value of USD XX million by the end of the forecast period. In terms of value, the market size was USD  XX Million in 2021.

Butyl rubber is a synthetic rubber, a copolymer of isobutylene with isoprene. Generally, it's called as IIR. It stands for isobutylene isoprene rubber. Butyl rubber is impermeable to air and used in many applications requiring an airtight rubber. Butyl reclaimed rubber is made from waste butyl inner tubes of trucks. Adopting the advanced desulfurization technique, the whole process is scientific and environmental protected. Butyl reclaimed rubber (BRR) is obtained by processing reclaimed butyl inner tubes. Butyl reclaimed rubber is known for its low buildup during processing and excellent curing properties. Before BRR is suitable for use, it must go through a modified digestion process to prevent the butyl rubber from contaminating the formulation and affecting the curing characteristics. Butyl reclaimed rubber has a shorter chain length than the original butyl rubber, so it is more easily processed than original butyl rubber due to the mastication process required during reclamation. In addition, the viscosity of BRR is lower than that of original rubber. Therefore, the calendaring, extruding, and mixing of compounds with BRR is faster and smoother.

Competitive Landscape

Developing Exploration of Reclaimed Rubber Markets is Creating Growth Avenues for the Key Players. Likewise, as a component of corporate social obligation, industry players are trying to discover better approaches to diminish/alleviate the environmental mischief brought about by butyl rubber creation. Company has been developing by expanding the technology upgradation of the latest reclaiming machinery & stood with Brand in the domestic market as well as the international markets by producing ISO 9001:2015 Reclaim Rubber. Companies emphasizes training to employees on a regular basis to ensure their skill & creates 'Teamwork' atmosphere to ensure with the highest level of efficiency.

Some prominent key players of the market are GRP, High Tech Reclaim Pvt. Ltd Inc., Fishfa Rubbers Ltd Corporation, SNR Reclamations Pvt. Ltd., Rubber Resources B.V Inc., Wuxi Wanfeng Rubber Factory, Rolex Reclaim Pvt.


By Application

  • Adhesives: Butyl reclaim rubber can be used in adhesive formulations such as hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives for tape applications. While having a rubber base typically would make the adhesive sensitive to high heat exposure, these adhesives are specially formulated to be less sensitive to temperature variations. Use butyl reclaim rubbers to provide adhesive properties in tapes, valve cement, and flooring adhesives.

  • Waterproofing Sheets: Waterproof membrane made of butyl rubber is excellent in air tightness, weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It can be used for the long time to maintain good performance in the production of roof waterproofing membrane; butyl reclaimed rubber as a product processed from waste butyl rubber products, it has good compatibility with butyl rubber.

  • Tires: Butyl reclaimed rubber is a reclaimed rubber made from the price of waste butyl rubber. It retains most of the molecular structure of butyl rubber and has the same performance characteristics as chlorobutyl rubber, but at a price comparable to chlorobutyl rubber and natural. The glue is much lower, so the biggest effect of blending butyl reclaimed rubber in the tire inner liner formulation is to reduce the cost of rubber raw materials; the quality of the butyl reclaimed rubber product is fine, and the partial chlorinated butyl rubber can be replaced by a certain ratio.

  • Tube Industry: The largest use of butyl rubber reclaim rubber is the production of highly air-tight rubber products, such as automobile and motorcycle inner tube, it is based on waste butyl inner tube as the main raw material of renewable rubber products, retaining the butyl rubber good air tightness. the reclaimed rubber with butyl rubber can improve the aging of butyl rubber tube. Soft sticky problem, prolong the service life of the product; butyl reclaimed rubber tube formula dosage of curing agent, reinforcing agent dosage, filler dosage needs reasonable design.

  • Others: The rubber damping block is also called cement, and its main function is to reduce noise and reduce vibration in automobiles, and to use more polymer resin materials and rubber materials with good elasticity and good damping properties. Among the reclaimed rubber products, there is a regenerative rubber with good damping performance and can also be used to produce automotive damping blocks. It is a butyl reclaimed rubber that is known for its air tightness in the rubber field. The use of butyl reclaimed rubber and butyl rubber together to produce damping blocks can not only ensure good performance of the rubber damping block, but also can significantly reduce the raw material cost of the cement and achieve good economic benefits.

By Region

  • North America: The surging growth of market is attributed to the rising interest for autos combined with expanded spending on vehicles. For both environmental and economic reasons, there is broad interest in butyl recycling rubber and in the continued development of recycling technologies. The use of postindustrial materials is a well-established and documented business.

  • Europe: Recovery of the automotive industry in Germany, UK, Russia, Spain, and Russia are anticipated to boost market growth over the forecast period. Companies such Schwalbe use the recycled butyl rubber in the production of new tubes without any loss of quality. Mujika Industrias offers butyl reclaimed Rubber which is a new development for its technological partner in its effort to offer economic alternatives to the users and consumers of BUTYL rubber.

  • Asia-Pacific: Asia Pacific is the largest regional market for the butyl reclaimed rubber industry. The growth in the region is primarily due to the rapidly growing automotive industry manufacturing activities of the developing nations such as China, India, and the Southeast Asian countries. In addition to this, developed countries are likely to witness growth at below-average rates in comparison to the other regions across the globe.

  • Latin America: Brazil is one of the major economies of Latin America. Rising application of butyl reclaim rubber in tiers, automobile industry is expected to augment the market in the country. Brazil is among the few major economies that registered growth in 2019 in vehicle production and registration.

  • Middle East & Africa: Rising education levels and campaigns promoting recycling have also largely contributed to the demand for reclaimed rubber in the automotive industry in the Middle East & Africa region. Rising consumer disposable income has driven interest and spending power, which in turn directly translates into luxurious purchases such as automobiles.

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