Automotive Fuel Injection Global Market Prognosticated To Accrue With A Whooping CAGR by 2027; Asserts MRFR :

Pune, India, January 9, 2018/MRFR Press Release/- Market Research Future published a Cooked research report on “Global Automotive Fuel Injection Market Research Report - Forecast to 2027” – Market Analysis, Scope, Stake, Progress, Trends and Forecast to 2027.

Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), Delphi Automotive PLC (U.K), Denso Corporation (Japan), Carter Fuel System (U.S.), Edelbrock, LLC (U.S), NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. (Japan), Infineon Technologies AG (Germany) and Keihin Corporation (Japan) and others are some of the prominent players profiled in MRFR Analysis and are at the forefront of competition in the Global Automotive Fuel Injection Market.

Automotive Fuel Injection Global Market – Overview

The Global Automotive Fuel Injection Market is growing with the rapid pace. According to a recent study report published by the Market Research Future, The global market of Automotive Fuel Injection market will grow at a rapid pace over the forecast period. The market is forecasted to witness slow but steady growth by 2027, which will be a surplus growth at a moderate CAGR during the projected period (2016 -2027).  

The Automotive Fuel Injection typically refers to the fuel introduction to an internal combustion engine.  This process is typically done with the fuel injector. The fuel injection system is typically used for consistent and smoother throttle response and better fuel efficiency. The use of fuel injection systems typically replaces the need for the use of mechanical choke. The ever increasing global automotive production is driving the need for Automotive Fuel Injection systems. Also stringent environmental laws on automobile emissions and the rising demand for fuel efficiency is driving the market. Top global automotive manufacturers across various continents are determined to meet the emission standards and fuel injection systems provide definite advantage over the traditional automotive carburettor engines. The market is also driven by the OEM and aftersales demand of fuel injection systems.    

Since 2008, the world has entered into a new era with about half of the population living in cities. This improved lifestyle had led to increase in urbanization, which has resulted in the development of a set of paradigms for both personal and commercial transportation. The increase in urbanization will lead to an increase in use of passenger and commercial vehicles, due to which there will be growth in Automotive Fuel Injection market. China is one of the most densely populated urban centre. The automotive market of China has experienced increased growth, which will drive the automotive technology as well as it will drive Automotive Fuel Injection market.

The expansion of the existing commercial and military aircraft fleets along with the launch of new airlines would result in increased demand in the Automotive Fuel Injection market in the forthcoming years. Hence, it is expected that the rapid fleet expansion would eventually drive the Automotive Fuel Injection market.

Over the past decade, it has been experienced that the prices of crude oil per barrel is increasing very rapidly and also the availability the crude oil is decreasing day by day. Due to these factors, the mind-set of large pool of population is shifting their preference towards electric vehicles. In the last 3 to 4 years, the demand for electric vehicles in the United States is rapidly increasing and seen around 70% of year-over-year growth in the sales. Along with the United States, Norway has also put a step ahead and has shifted more focus towards electric vehicles. As per the market statistics, every third of new car is electric and also the country has the highest proportion of 6.4% worldwide followed by Sweden i.e. 3.4%. The growth of electric vehicles is increasing across the globe and since 2014, the sales have been doubled. As of 2016, near about 777,500 electric vehicles have been sold worldwide.

The growing demand for electric vehicles combined with rising fuel prices are expected to adversely impact the Automotive Fuel Injection market.

Industry/ Innovation/ Related News:
January, 2015 - Bosch, a leading supplier of technology and services inaugurated its sixth manufacturing unit in India at State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) Gangaikondan, Tamil Nadu on January 22, 2015. Built with an investment of around 500 million INR (6.2 million euro) and spread across 6,500 square meters of built up area, this new facility of Bosch Limited in India will facilitate the company’s Gasoline Systems business to further localize manufacturing and increase cost-competitiveness.

September, 2016– At the IAA Show, a new generation of ultra-high precision, modular fuel injection systems is revealed by Delphi Automotive PLC. Designed using an approach that Delphi calls ‘Clever not Complex’, the new systems build on the company’s proven Euro VI common rail technology with the introduction of advanced features that allow it to deliver a substantial improvement in emissions, fuel economy and refinement while maintaining exceptional reliability.

September, 2014 - Global automotive supplier DENSO Corporation developed a new electronic fuel injection system for small motorcycles called DIET-FI*. DIET-FI is the world's first fuel injection system that doesn't use a throttle position sensor or engine temperature sensor. Instead, it uses newly developed control technologies that ensure the same fuel economy and environmental performance as conventional fuel injection systems, thus cutting costs.

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Automotive Fuel Injection Market – Segmentation

The Global Automotive Fuel Injection Market is segmented in to 5 key dynamics for the convenience of the report and enhanced understanding;

Segmentation by ComponentsComprises ECU, Fuel Injectors, Pressure regulators, Fuel Pumps, Sensors.

Segmentation by Vehicle TypeComprises passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle

Segmentation by Fuel TypeComprises Gasoline, Diesel, Alternative fuel

Segmentation by Technology TypeComprises Gasoline port injection, Gasoline direct injection, Diesel direct injection

Segmentation by Regions: Comprises Geographical regions - North America, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World.

Automotive Fuel Injection Market: Regional Analysis

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow the largest during the forecasted period because of the booming automobile market in the region. The increasing buying power especially in countries such as China and India is driving the market for the fuel injection. Also there is increasing two wheeler sales in the region in which fuel injection technology is used to reduce vehicle pollution instead of the traditional carburetor engines. In North America and Europe region the market is responsive to the huge after sales demand in the region.  Also, Automotive Fuel Injection market have gained significance in recent times with manufacturers opting for the technology to meet the stringent vehicle emission laws.