Plentiful Health Benefits to Shoot A2 Milk Market Growth to the Roof :

February, 2022/MRFR Press Release/- Market Research Future has published a report on the Global A2 Milk Market. 

Market Analysis

A special variety of milk these days is gaining traction and it is none other than the A2 milk. The specialty of this milk is it contains anti-inflammatory markers in higher quantities and is better tolerated. Milk is a key source of protein so people need to make sure that the milk they drink is nutritious and healthy. Compared to regular milk, it is light on the stomach and also wins in taste thereby making a2 milk perfect for lactose intolerance and also digestive issues. This has boosted the demand for a2 milk market which is expected to touch a phenomenal growth over the predicted years (2022-2030). The specialty of this milk is that the animal will not have any genetic modification nor will the milk have any artificial alteration. The milk is tested a couple of times for ensuring its purity. People should take a2 milk for nutrition as this milk is produced by cows that are fed by clean water, jaggery, vegetables, greens and fodder and always kept in a healthy condition. No medicines or special solutions are given to these cows for altering the milk. Also, no machines are utilized, the process of milking is traditional and can contribute in building immunity, offer omega 3 fatty acids and increase metabolism.

There are many factors that is fueling the growth of the a2 milk market. The different market trends and factors in this market according to an analysis performed by Market Research Future (MRFR) include plentiful health benefits, availability of a diverse product portfolio catering to different institutions and consumers, rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, easily digested, has no artificial alteration and is light on the stomach. But unfortunately, the high cost of A2 milk, availability of affordable and vegan substitutes and lack of sufficient scientific evidence concerning the health benefits of taking A2 milk is likely to hinder the a2 milk market growth.

Market Segmentation

In the Market Research Future (MRFR) report, the a2 milk market has been segmented on the basis of breed, packaging and distribution channel.

Based on breed, it is segmented into Brown Swiss, Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey and others. Of these, the Guernsey has the largest market share. Their milk is high in protein, fat and also rich in flavor. Guernsey milk has omega 3 fats that is three times more compared to other sources of milk.

Based on packaging, the a2 milk market is segmented into cans, bottles and others. Of these, bottles will have the largest share in the market as bottles are affordable and also easy to store and carry.

Based on distribution channel, it is segmented into non-store and store based. Of these the store-based has maximum market share due to the availability of strong vendor networks.

Regional Analysis

Based on region, the a2 milk market covers growth opportunities and latest trends across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. Of these, Asia Pacific will remain head and shoulders above others in the market due to increasing need for A2 instant formula here owing to high birth rates. Health problems such as stomach ache for consuming regular milk will boost the market growth in this region. The a2 milk market in North America is growing at a rapid pace due to the increasing health concern coupled with the awareness regarding the ill effects associated to A1 protein as well as the consumers high living standards. Key A2 milk manufacturers are researching and creating products made of A2 milk which will propel the region’s market growth.

Key Players

Leading players profiled in the a2 milk market include Westland Cooperative Dairy Co., Ltd. (New Zealand), China Mengniu Dairy Co. Ltd. (China), Vinamilk (Vietnam), Nestle SA (Switzerland), Ripley Farms LLC. (US), Freedom Foods Group Ltd. (Australia) and The A2 milk Co., Ltd. (New Zealand).

Jan 2019- The a2 Milk Company based in Sydney is all set to expand their presence and thus offering milk in gableton cartons that will make drinking it convenient for people. These cartons will have color graphics for differentiating 2% reduced fat chocolate variety (brown), 1% low fat milk (green), 2% reduced fat (blue) and whole milk (red). The graphics present on the side panels of the carton will describe the difference.