Wing Plans to Launch Drone Delivery-Network Technology Soon

By Aarti Dhapte, 03 April, 2023

Wing company, owned by Google plans to launch drone delivery-network technology to handle bulk orders in millions, within 12 months. The report says, by operating drone as a network will improve efficiency. This wing delivers up to 1,000 packages in a day when evaluated “at scale” in Logan, Australia.

Drone delivery trials already been started in the Dublin suburb of Lusk. At the same time other companies are also in talks with the department of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority about agreeing drone regulations for deliveries in the UK.

According to Adam Woodworth, the chief executive, the delivery system will look “more like an efficient data network rather than a traditional transportation system”. He added, in the trial, they did a lot of coffee delivery, cooked food delivery and also the grocery delivery as well. For now customers are not being charged extra for drone deliveries but then to be financially strong, drone companies need to make a large number of deliveries, according to the experts.

In the Wing Delivery Network, there are three basic hardware elements like the delivery drones, autoloaders for companies to leave packages for collection and pads where drones take off and land and recharge their batteries. By using the above-mentioned elements, the drones can pick up, travel, drop off and charge in any feasible way for the entire system, says the companies.

Delivery Drone Units in the US  2019-2024
The image shows delivery drones units in the US (2019-2024)

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