Syngenta Seedcare to Collaborate with Bioceres Crop Solutions to Introduce Innovative Biological Seed Treatments

By Indu Tyagi Ketan, 18 October, 2022

Syngenta Crop Protection’s Seedcare business segment and Bioceres Crop Solutions announced global commercial and R&D collaboration on September 16, 2022. This collaboration will benefit customers looking for leading biological seed treatment solutions. 

Bioceres is one of the leading providers of biological inoculants, including rhizobia bacteria.  Rhizobia bacteria help in the improvement of crop nutrition and support plant growth. This seed-applied solution helps capture nitrogen from the atmosphere and significantly reduces the need for nitrogen fertilizers, supporting regenerative agriculture in various crops, such as soybean.

The collaboration between Syngenta and Bioceres builds on a successful commercial partnership of more than 20 years in Argentina. The recent collaboration agreement states that Syngenta Seedcare will become the exclusive global commercialization distributor for Bioceres’ biological seed treatment solutions, except in Argentina. In Argentina, the companies will continue to collaborate under the existing framework. Under the long-term R&D collaboration of Syngenta and Bioceres, both companies will mutually undertake the development of new products and accelerate the registration of products already in the pipeline. Moreover, this agreement will help growers with more suitable choices for managing pest resistance, improving crop health, and providing sustainable innovations to improve seed health.

Furthermore, Syngenta Seedcare and Bioceres focus on expanding their cooperation in key markets such as Brazil, China, and other regions worldwide. This collaboration will bring together the world’s leading seed treatment business with a leader in biological crop productivity solutions. According to Federico Trucco, CEO of Bioceres, the collaboration shows the value of its commercial offerings and R&D capabilities and greatly expands and accelerates the company’s ability to reach more farmers through the global reach of Syngenta Seedcare.

Biological products are vital in providing growers with new solutions to increase crop yields and reduce agriculture’s environmental footprint. The R&D collaboration between Syngenta and Bioceres will allow companies to accelerate the global registration of existing products and joint development of new biological solutions.
Syngenta Seedcare to Collaborate with Bioceres Crop Solutions to Introduce Innovative Biological Seed Treatments

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