Rapid Innovations and Patented Technologies of Vehicle Suspension Systems

By Aarti Dhapte, 23 December, 2022

One of the most significant elements in a contemporary car is the suspension system. It improves the vehicle's availability and safety, keeps the occupants comfortable, and protects the vehicle from damage and wear. Because of the importance of the suspension system in vehicle construction, a great deal of work has been put into improving its performance, such as stability, controllability, and other characteristics. Various industry companies are active in the research and development of novel and effective suspension system concepts and products.

BMW submitted a patent with the German Patent Office in December 2022 for a new regenerative suspension system. The German automaker's innovative suspension technology is reported to be capable of gathering energy as it absorbs the stress of a bump as the EV drives over bumpy roads. The patent illustrations demonstrate an inventive design that enables BMW's EVs to generate useful energy as the wheels move in response to a speed bump. The energy captured by the suspension is then delivered to a generator unit, which transforms it into useful power, charging the car's battery. The launch date is uncertain because the innovation is still in the patent stage. In August 2022, Vibracoustic, a leading global automotive noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) expert, developed a cost-effective ride height and suspension levelling system that allows car manufacturers to experience the height levelling benefits of an air suspension with significantly less complexity and cost. With the rising popularity of electric vehicles (EV), there is a huge need for a simpler and more cheaper levelling mechanism - to make this premium feature available for smaller car segments. Vibracoustic has created an entirely new hydro levelling technology that extends the benefits of ride height adjustment to new market groups. The patent-pending hydraulic levelling system may be adapted to front or rear axle applications and is a cost-effective option for ride height adjustment in lower segment automobiles, including smaller EVs.

Automotive Suspension Market Segmentation and CAGR
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