PUR’s Newly Launched Powerhouse Protein Juice Option to Redefine the Growth of Cold-Pressed Juices

By Garvit Vyas, 25 November, 2022

Texas Based PUR Cold press juice company has recently launched new cold-pressed juice ‘cleans’ option, which benefits a healthy lifestyle. Consumers' increased demand for dietary and health interests has been a key driving factor. The PUR company is said to expand its cold-pressed juice portfolio to appease the rising need of consumers. The company aims to focus entirely on providing high vitamins and nutrients through cold-pressed fruit & vegetable juices. The PUR provides cold-pressed juices made through the traditional pasteurization process of hydraulic pressing. The process derives the extracts liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables, wherein no nutrient loss occurs, and protects the organic flavors of the raw fruits & vegetables.

The cold-pressed juices launched by the company focus on the provision of nutrients and vitamins that are suitable for active individuals who are engaged in sports. The PUR cold-pressed juices are highly favorable for vegetarian and vegan diet followers. These extracts have been derived without heating or adding oxygen while processing. Moreover, to justify the increased demand for cold press juices, the company has been focused on producing a variety of juices. The company’s extensive product portfolio includes organic juices obtained from non-pesticides fruits & vegetables. It also consists of the Build Your Own Cold press juice system for the customers to let them choose their favorite fruits.

Additionally, owing to the boundless advantages of cold press juices, consumers are more likely to adopt them in their diets as they are considered for their plenty of enzymes and antioxidant properties. Therefore, cold press juices ultimately preserve the nutritional elements that are highly beneficial for regular consumption. Considering the ample advantages, PUR company focuses on launching different healthy juices products.
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PUR’s Newly Launched Powerhouse Protein Juice Option to Redefine the Growth of Cold-Pressed Juices

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