Google’s New Initiatives Towards Cybersecurity in 2023

By Aarti Dhapte, 04 July, 2023

Google is progressing with great efforts by maintaining its dominance over searches and increasing its users from desktop screens to smartphones. Simultaneously, the company has always been very concerned about providing people with jobs with handsome salaries. In June 2023, the company, in collaboration with the Consortium of Cybersecurity Clinics, committed approx. USD 20 million to train students in cybersecurity. 

According to Google's claim, it has been working with thousands of organizations in a partnership to train up to 10 million people with digital skills to grow, which helps businesses grow at this rate. With increasing popularity, the company is slowly transforming into an artificial intelligence (AI) company as it tries to maintain its dominance in sectors like Cloud and Transportation. These sectors behave well with the strength of Google when it comes to artificial intelligence.

With rising cyber-attack risks, Google is taking necessary actions towards the solutions that can be rendered as services to the users and providing people to get trained with the company in this regard. The recent collaboration of Google with the Consortium of Cybersecurity Clinics will serve the better interest of the current generation of aspiring techies to get their hands on cybersecurity. The organization will provide free security services to society, like law and medical clinics. Google will also provide institutions with Titan Security Keys for two Factor Authentication. This initiative by Google will enhance the student's skills with learning and expertise in cybersecurity. The growing range of AI demands threats to Google on their guidelines for the different company-based workplaces. Thus, the company focuses on boosting its security and empowering a range of upcoming cybersecurity professionals. 

Google’s New Initiatives Towards Cybersecurity in 2023

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