Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan and Accenture Collaborated for a New Venture in 2023

By Shubhendra Anand, 14 September, 2023

Accenture and Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan joined in a new venture in August 2023. The new collaboration will initiate in January 2024 to help Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Group's goal to set itself as a data-driven firm having back-office operations and efficient administration.

The Coca-Cola bottlers Japan firm and Accenture target to become a commercial and economical world-class bottler with profitable local business process managed services in 2023. Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan operates all these functions in the information technology (IT) sector, linked with human resources, finances, customer service, and others. Coca-Cola Bottlers' business services will shift to this joint venture in this 2023 collaboration. This new collaboration will supply the Coca-Cola bottlers Japan group with the advanced technology to grasp and analyze data required in the beverage businesses. The Coca-Cola Company will use this data to acquire better decision-making knowledge, locate future business opportunities, and provide higher-quality products and services. Accenture will allow more ways for industry expertise and new specific talents, among others, to follow a master plan of continuous enterprise reinvention.

According to one of the senior officials at Accenture, this joint venture of both Accenture and Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan group is promoting high-quality reinvention works that Accenture is operating in Japan, and boosting various transformations in local areas adds importance to it. Coca-Cola bottlers Japan's investment will be around 81 percent, with a 19 percent contribution from Accenture. The total capital investment in this new joint venture is 20 million yen approximately, and the work will tentatively start in January 2024. The new project will enhance data-driven management by organizing the back-office and administrative sectors' works under control. Accenture will enable wider access to the platforms for industry enhancement in this new joint venture with Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan and Accenture Collaborated for a New Venture in 2023

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