Bayer Finds New Ways To Treat Carbon Farming In 2023

By Anshula Mandaokar, 29 June, 2023

Bayer AG will focus on regenerative agriculture with the help of its crop science division in the future. At its Innovation Summit 2023, the company will focus on crop fertility, biofuels, carbon farming, and digital platforms and marketplaces, among others. Bayer wants to put effort into crop protection and digital agriculture markets and gradually enhance its potential. 

The company's innovations focus on solutions to promote regenerative agriculture through innovations that require farmers' production and lessen agriculture's effect on the overall environment. The company aims to invest more in increasing productivity, enhancing soil quality, and preserving farmers' culture, economically and socially.

With sustainable synthetic crop production, the company uses smaller molecular compounds to develop artificial crop production systems. Weed control has been the primary target for developing an entirely new mechanism in arable farming in the last three decades. The new herbicide developed is found to be operative against the resistant grasses and will come into the market in the market soon. 

Bayer announced its latest crop science division technologies and is expected to join other adjacent agricultural markets of the 100 billion euros club. The company also discussed in its 2023 summit carbon farming, focusing on reducing emitting carbon dioxide emissions by providing various platforms and solutions to the farmers to support them. Also, the company aims to shape regenerative agriculture on over 400 million acres. 

Bayer Finds New Ways To Treat Carbon Farming In 2023

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