Aptar launches New Liner-Free Dispensing Closure

By Garvit Vyas, 19 October, 2022

Aptar Food + Beverage has set a new approach to revolutionize the dispensing closure market. The company recently announced 'Slide', which is unique and it does not require the application of a foil liner for shelf-stable food products. Aptar, a more than 50-year-old industry pioneer in dispensing solutions, carried out numerous consumer research while creating this solution. The 'Slide' will give customers a convenient and enjoyable packaging experience because the company realized that removing the liner might be frustrating. With only one opening motion, they can access their goods while preserving their shelf life and lowering the likelihood of product tampering.

Aptar's patented non-detachable tamper evidence system is built into the closure to eliminate the need for a foil liner. Upon first opening the package, the tamper evidence band visually slides from the 'closed' to the 'open' position and locks into the lid of the closure. This feature benefits consumers as it ensures product safety by informing consumers whether the package has been previously opened. Moreover, consumers no longer need to unscrew the closure, remove and dispose of the liner, and put the closure back onto the bottle before dispensing the product.

Several brand owners are looking for packaging alternatives to meet their sustainability commitments. Foil liner is not considered recyclable today; removing this component is essential to reduce the amount of packaging waste. Slide, a liner-free packaging solution, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 16%. This innovation uses Aptar's new SimpliCycle, a fully recyclable flow control valve technology approved by leading organizations such as the Association for Plastic Recyclers (APR) in the United States. Besides meeting the industry-standard dimensions and bottleneck finishes, Slide is also apt for shelf-stable products.

Aptar will highlight this unconventional design at Pack Expo, which will be held in Chicago from October 23 to 26. The AmeriStar 2022 award for innovative sustainable packaging has also been given to Slide. With Slide, Aptar has shown that it can offer cutting-edge, sustainable solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the markets they proudly serve.

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Aptar launches New Liner-Free Dispensing Closure

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