Why Sourdough is Good for You

The type of bread that you consume has a long-running impact on your diet and health. There is healthy bread and there are some unhealthy counterparts. In this blog though, we intend to educate you about sourdough bread and why it is good news for you.

For starters, let us tell you what exactly is sourdough bread? It is leavened bread, as in it rises naturally because of the gases that are produced as the grain fermentation process goes on. As opposed to most bread types wherein yeast is used as a raising agent, sourdough starter plays a leading role in giving the sourdough bread its lift. Now, let’s briefly visit the best factors of this healthy food.

  • Like all bread varieties, sourdough possesses a rich combination of minerals including iron, calcium, and magnesium. However, the ingredient that gives sourdough bread an edge is the presence of lactic acid. As a result of which the levels of phytates get neutralized and the pH level drops significantly. In consequence, it improves the mineral content in the bread and discounts the phytic acid by up to 62 percent. This causes the bread to become easily-digestible.

  • While eating other bread varieties may lead to bloating issues, you will not find such a complaint when you intake sourdough bread. Regarded as the kinder alternative to other kinds of commercial bread, it is sourdough’s fermentation process, during which the gluten breakdown occurs, because of which the bread is an easy-to-digest option. If you are someone who faces gluten-digestion trouble often, consuming sourdough bread is highly-recommended. Having said that, we would also like to specify that coeliac disease patients should practice caution, and not eat sourdough bread, and opt for the gluten-free alternative instead.

  • Sourdough bread must figure on your dietary chart because it is good for your gut’s health. Given that sourdough bread is prebiotic – nutrients that foster the good bacteria in your digestive system – therefore it is guaranteed to keep your gut in good health, and improve your digestion, too.

  • Owing to the fermentation process, sourdough bread boasts of more soluble fiber because of which you will feel full for longer. Research also shows that sourdough bread has more organic acids that promote slowness in carbohydrate breakdown, and keeps your sugar levels and energy levels, respectively, in check.

  • Wholegrain flour, which is the star ingredient in sourdough bread, possesses a rich lineup of minerals namely vitamin B and E, and a host of antioxidants that are typically absent in refined flour, and that is why most why bread is subjected to artificial fortification. Such a fate is unknown in the case of sourdough bread because its slow fermentation process enables it to harness the bioavailability of minerals and vitamins, and thereby cause it to have easy-to-digest properties.

Regardless of whether you are a fitness enthusiast, your diet and health choices matter. If bread is something you love to see and eat often, let sourdough bread be your new food hero.

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