Vasectomy: Most Effective Way of Birth Control

February 2021

Vasectomy is a tiny operation in the male body that prevents pregnancy. Basically, vasectomy blocks the sperm of the male to get into semen, if the sperm is not leaving your body, you won’t be able to make someone pregnant.

The whole procedure takes 30 minutes to complete; vasectomy is also known as male sterilization in the medical term. The procedure is very quick and not painful; you don’t even need to stay in the hospital. Vasectomy is usually preferred by the married people who don’t want to have a child for a specific period of time.

Is Vasectomy Effective?

Yes, vasectomy is very effective and it is 100% guaranteed by the doctors regarding the effectiveness of the operation. However, there are very few cases where the tubes rejoined and as a result, the sperm could leave the body.

There are few chances of the sperms leaving the body right after the test so you need to be very careful with the follow-up test and check on. Vasectomy is considered, one of the best methods of birth control.

Key Benefits of vasectomy

Vasectomy is a very effective way of birth control when you don’t want to have a child. As compared to the women tubes, male tube ties are more effective and likely to cause less trouble; it is very cheap as well as compared to the other birth control measures.

  •         Vasectomy is a one-time cost that you need to pay; you can even consider your insurance plan to cover the bills of the clinic or hospitals.

  •         You can leave your worries regarding the sex drive as the whole procedure don’t affect testosterone levels, climaxes, sex drive, erection or any of the other part of the sex life

Common Side Effects of Vasectomy

The procedure is very safe and secure but there might be some pain after the operation. There might be some swelling in the scrotum and there are chances of little bleeding as well. These mild symptoms are very common and not a subject to worry about as these cases are very rare. About 1% to 2% of males face such rare side effects. Here are some other rare issues related to vasectomy:

  •         A sense of discomfort in a testicle

  •         A mild pain or ache in a testicle or a constant feeling of pressure

  •         Inflammation or hard lump due to the leakage of sperm which is also known as sperm granuloma

  •         Abscess in the sperm collector tube which is also called a spermatocele

  •         Hydrocele which is basically a sack of fluid causes swelling in the scrotum which is around a testicle

Any of the above-mentioned conditions are not very serious and hence can be cured by following the proper guideline of the doctors.


The recovery process after the vasectomy is very quick and fast. One day of complete rest is required and within a week you can get back to your normal routine like before. You can even use ice packs on the swelling area to relieve pain.

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