Uses of Ammonia for Household Purposes

Ammonia is the best alternative to bleach. Therefore, similar to bleach it can also be used for several purposes. Besides, it is considered as one of the most effective product for cleaning. It is widely used in textile industries and is also added to some cosmetic products. Further, it can also be used for various household uses.

Here are some of the best uses of ammonia that you can use in your home.

  • Clean Electric Stove/Oven

Cooking makes your stove and oven dirty. The oil particles and tough greasiness fade of the shine of the stoves and oven, which make them look very bad. Even after cleaning them with soaps and detergent solutions, you donโ€™t get the required effective results. Hence, ammonia is the best choice to clean the oil from all over the stove and oven. Its acidic properties help to regain the shine of the oven trays and stoves. You can mix ammonia with liquid soap and use it for cleansing.

  • Remove Grease Scum

Very often, you will find a slippery layer and greasiness on the porcelain enamel tub and sink. The use of ammonia will help you to wipe off all this tough scum with less effort. You can mix ammonia to a gallon of hot water to get effective results more quickly and easily. Doing this will help you keep your bathroom tidy and sparkling.

  • Moth Repellent

Ammonia is not only known for cleansing, but its antibacterial properties help you to keep the bugs away too. Mix half a cup of ammonia to one litre of water and spray it in the cupboards, cabinets, and drawers and leave them open for few minutes to let the solution get air-dry. Repeating this process several times with intervals of time will help you acquire the best results in getting rid of the bugs and insects.

  • Remove Tarnish from Silver or Brass

It hurts when any of the favourite antiques become discoloured and you have to remove them from showcasing. The tarnish that takes away the shine from its metal looks odd. But, you have a solution to this. Ammonia is an acidic solution and has strong properties that can help you to regain the attractiveness of your favourite antiques either silver or brass. You just have to scrub the tarnished object with a brush dipped in ammonia and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. The ammonia solution can also be used to restore the shine of silver and gold jewellery.

  • Restore the whites

Everyone is attracted to the colour white, whether itโ€™s a shirt, t-shirt or shoes. But keeping the same brightness of white can be difficult. Hence, despite liking the colour many people try to avoid buying some time in white colour because of its high maintenance. But not to worry, as ammonia is the solution to your problem of ignoring your favourite forms of white.

Just mix half ammonia and half water to make a solution, then dip your white clothes or shoes in this solution and leave it for few minutes. After taking it off, wash the cloth or shoe with normal running water and get it dry.

So, if you have ammonia at your home and is wondering what to do with it, then you can consider this list to use ammonia effectively.

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