Types of Woods used to Make Furniture

February 2021

Furniture is an essential part of any place, whether it is office furniture, home furniture, or outdoor furniture. But the most important thing is the production of the furniture used in different places. The quality of the wood used plays a vital role to enhance the superiority and quality of furniture.

Hence, here is a list of woods that are used to make furniture. Do check it out to know about the types before purchasing any furniture product.

  • Basswood: Frequently used in combination with rare woods such as walnut, maple, or mahogany, basswood is a common hardwood. It has colour variants that range from creamy-white to creamy brownish or reddish. The texture has of this wood has broad rays and sometimes slightly darker streaks too. Being light and soft it becomes easy to carve mouldings and appliques. The lines that naturally appear on the wood is straight and even. Basswood is close-grained, with very small pores. It is not very expensive.

  • Sycamore: Used extensively for making affordable furniture and veneers, this hardwood is very split-resistant. Hence, it is considered the favourite wood for butcher blocks. This wood is available in various shades ranging from pinkish to reddish-brown in colour. With remarkable, closely spaced rays, the pattern of the grain is highly defined. It is moderately easy to work with hand tools and is available at a reasonable price.

  • Cedar (Eastern red cedar): Cedar is a softwood that is primarily used to make chests and closets. It has a unique scent and is effective for bug repel. The wood comes in a light red shade with light streaks and knots. Its grain is quite remarkable. It is close-grained and does not need to be bleached or stained. It is naturally weather-resistant and is an ideal option for making outdoor furniture. It can also be used for fencing or exterior sound barrier. Having top qualities makes it an expensive wood.

  • Oak (red oak, white oak): With its attractive grain structure, this abundant hardwood has always been valued for the quality of its strength. It is widely used for making solid furniture and, in modern furniture, it is mainly for veneers. Its colour shade of white oak is counted among the rich greyish brown colour. Besides, the red oak is also considered similar, but with a prominent reddish cast. Both types of oak are finely grained, with definite rays or streaks. Further, the wood is open-grained and is moderately high n price. But as compared to the white oak the red oak is less expensive.

  • Butternut: Often called white walnut, this hardwood is similar to walnuts in many ways. The light brown shade of the wood along with occasional dark or reddish streaks makes it look very eye-catchy. The grain is distinct and leafy. Butternut has a coarse-texture with visibly open pores that are usually filled. Further, the Butternut has a well-staining feature and is often stained to look like dark walnut. The wood is light and is easy to work with hand tools. On average, it is high in price.

Do consider this list of types of woods when you are all set to buy ant furniture. This will help you get the knowledge of the features a wood has.

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