Top 4K TV Brands aroundthe World

April 2021

With countless 4K TV brands on the market, it's natural that one may start feeling overwhelmed and unsure of which are best for their needs. The next generation of TVs is here and they're smarter, sharper, and more innovative than ever. 

Sony: Those looking for a top-tier 4K TV without breaking the budget, Sony is a reliable option. They produce high quality panels with impressive contrast ratios and deep black levels at an affordable price point for consumers. Sony is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics, audiovisual, and Semiconductor Company headquartered in Japan. They produce TVs along with consoles, laptops, household appliances, mobile phones and other electronic devices. Sony is a tier 1 company and has a high degree of market power. Sony is also one of The Big 3 - companies that are responsible for most HDTVs sold today.

Samsung: Samsung has long been one of the most popular brands in home electronics, as they continue to provide high quality products with an excellent build quality and no shortage of features at competitive prices. Samsung has been a popular contender in the 4K TV market for several years now and this is one of their finest offerings yet. It's packed with smart features that make it an effective entertainment hub as well as a fine TV for the home. Currently Samsung is part of The Big 3 - companies that are responsible for most HDTVs sold today. The Big 3 (along with Sharp) are referred to as tier 1 TV manufacturers because they have high production capacity and/or market share and therefore their pricing power is substantial.

LG: LG's OLED panels are also impressive, with rich colors and deep contrast ratio. However, consumers may want to wait for next year's models as they are rumored to be releasing one of the more affordable 65" 4K TVs on the market. TVs manufactured by them can range from basic non-smart TVs to high end 4K smart TVs, which we're primarily concerned with here. They also produce OLED and curved TVs. Regardless of the type of TV, Samsung produces a range that caters to all budgets.

Vizio: While Vizio's P-Series lacks some of the bells and whistles found in other brands, it is still a highly regarded panel for its high quality at an affordable price point. This is especially true for someone looking for an LED TV with local dimming (which most brands are moving away from). The Vizio M Series is one of the most popular 4K TVs on Amazon, with high ratings from customers who have purchased them and experienced their performance first hand.

Hisense: Hisense's 4K TVs offer an impressive level of performance for the price. They are a solid choice when looking for a budget option that won't compromise on picture quality and build quality. Hisense also makes a range of smart TVs, which we encourage to check out.

There are many factors that contribute to a great 4K experience. The most important ones include the panel quality, LED backlighting system, and color tech. Another factor is how fast the processor in the TV can process and store high-definition images in dynamic lighting conditions like brightness level changes or scene transitions or zoom-in effects on a sports game video clip. Fortunately, manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Hisense have been using advanced technologies for their TVs this year which will allow viewers to enjoy vivid colors and stunning picture quality even in challenging light conditions.

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