Turner Syndrome: The Reasons why it Affects Women

February 2021

Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects only women. It is a disorder that causes defects in women. The effects of this disorder are throughout life. However, through treatment and research, this condition is somewhat manageable. Short weight, no ovaries, heart problems are some of the common symptoms of this disorder. Now let us see the reasons why it only affects women. 

The causes of Turner syndrome 

The Turner syndrome can occur when a female child is missing the X chromosomes. Some children entirely miss the whole copy of X chromosomes. Monosomy means the problem with the mother’s egg may be the cause for it. Chromosome disabilities are another reason for Turner syndrome. The symptoms of Turner syndrome may vary for girls, adult women and older women. For some, the symptoms may not be apparent. The signs or symptoms can be subtle for girls but it may get severe with age. 

The symptoms of Turner syndrome at the time of infancy 

  • A web-like neck, wide and abnormal neck.¬†

  • The low-set of ears.¬†

  • The spaced nibbles in with a wide-chest.¬†

  • Arms that turns outward from the elbow.¬†

  • Fingernails and toenails that is upward.¬†

  • During birth, the child can suffer from swelling of hand and feet.¬†

  • Smaller in height at the time of birth.¬†

  • Poor body growth or slow growth.¬†

  • The lower jaw is smaller than normal.¬†

  • Finger and toe fingers that is short.¬†

The lifetime complications of Turner syndrome 

  • High blood pressure rate¬†

The women having Turner syndrome are at the risk of high blood pressure. It can cause various complications in heart and heart vessels. 

  • The hearing loss

Loss of hearing is one of the most common complications of Turner syndrome. It happens gradually and leads to nervous system problems. There will be a frequent infection in the ear and loss of hearing at last. 

  • The autoimmune disorders

Women having Turner syndrome will have an underactive thyroid. Due to this, there is gluten intolerance and a risk of diabetes. 

  • The heart complications

Many children born with Turner syndrome have heart problems from their birth. There is an abnormal structure of the heart that causes aorta problem, large blood vessels and poor-oxygen supply to the heart. 

  • The problems in vision

The girls with Turner syndrome have weak eyesight. There are also other eyesight problems in some of the individuals. 

The treatment available for Turner syndrome

It is a condition that has various therapies to manage the condition. There is plenty of therapeutic procedure that may vary based on the severity of the disease. With proper therapeutic-procedure, women with Turner syndrome can experience productive lives. The various therapies for this syndrome improve growth. Estrogen therapy is one of the effective therapies for this disorder. Some female may also require the sex hormone replacement therapy to undergo normal puberty, periods and menopause. 


There is plenty of evaluation in the science world about Turner syndrome. The therapies work well to keep the condition under control. However, soon, there will be more development to treat this disorder. 

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