Tungsten: the Six Advantages of Using this Material

February 2021

Tungsten is luster and shiny metal. Due to its texture, it is a metal that comes with the highest melting point. It is used in light bulbs as filaments. It is a metal that has the strength of cast iron. There are tons of exceptional chemical properties in this metal. The tungsten metal is seen in soils and iron ores. Natural water also contains some amount of tungsten. There are much more benefits of tungsten in the industrial world. 

The Plenty of Applications of Tungsten

From electrical to aeronautical industry uses tungsten metal. It is a durable material that has hundreds of applications such as the following factors.  

  • High Resistance to Extreme Temperatures

Out of all the metals, tungsten is a metal that comes with a melting point of 3422°C. This feature of tungsten metal is useful for plenty of industrial applications. Due to its high-temperature resistance, it is beneficial in aerospace and construction spaces. It is also an excellent element material to create alloys and super alloys. The properties of tungsten can strength the density of alloys. It is the best type of metal that suits thermally intensive purposes.

  • It is a High-Density Material

The density of tungsten is higher than most of the metals. It has a higher density than lead. Due to its high density, the material suitable for racing car parts, aircraft and other kinetic parts. It is also an excellent shiny metal for jewellery making. The high density of the tungsten is more superior to material nickel, alloy, iron and copper. 

  • The Thermal Expansion is Low

After the pure metals, tungsten is a material with fantastic thermal low expansion. Even under extreme heat, the material can stay stable without losing its shape. The solidity and rigidity of the metal are intact at extreme temperatures. Some of the jet turning blades and cutting tools are made with tungsten. 

  • The Superior Electronic Property

The tungsten metal is well known for its excellent conductive properties. It is the best material used in the electric industry under high radiation. It is used in X-ray machines and other machines with high radiation rate. 

  • The Phenomenal Corrosion Resistance

It is a metal with high corrosion resistance. Also, tungsten metal is used in highly corrosive environments. Saltwater can cause rust and corrosion to any kind of metal. However, even under corrosive substances, the tungsten will not rust. That is the reason why tungsten is used in marine, fishing and shipbuilding industries. 

  • The Sturdiness in the Fabrication

Tungsten is a famous robust metal in the world. It is a metal that comes with the highest tensile strength. Tungsten is a metal that can even be made into thin wires. During the thin wire-making process, tungsten will not break or fracture. Even these thin wires of tungsten have a high melting point. That is the reason to use the tungsten wire for light bulbs. 


Tungsten is one of the phenomenal metals that come with excellent properties. Its higher corrosion resistance, durability and stability make it the top class metals in the world.

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