Top 5 Air Purifier Brands to Invest in 2021

Over the years, the air quality across the world had been deteriorating. According to SAFAR, the air monitoring agency, the metro cities' pollution levels are alarmingly high. In the initial days of the year, the air quality has reached its most severe level as the AQI touched the 461 marks. Moreover, the lead content is at PM 2.5, posing the highest risk, instead of being at its characteristic pattern of PM 10. 

Exposure to severely dangerous air quality poses a threat to everyone's health. Not only the ill and the ailing are at risk but also the young and healthy. Severe air pollution leads to respiratory issues, asthma, heart disease, lung cancer, and shortened life span. We as individuals need to realize "Health is Wealth." It is the 11th hour when we need to understand that health should be our utmost concern. To ensure better air quality and better health, we need air purifiers. Nonetheless, as the quality is consistently deteriorating, the sale of air purifiers is soaring. There has been a 50% increase in the sale of air purifiers in metro cities and all the urban towns and cities.

  • Dyson's latest Pure Humidify+Cool

Dyson's latest model of air purifier comes with an inbuilt humidifier. Dyson's air purifier is technology at its best as it would purify and cool air and maintain the level of humidity by 70 percent. This fantastic model with three-layer air filtration will cover 600 sq ft and would consume a minimal 40W. Thus it not only is giving you a quality life but also not blowing up your electricity bill.

  • Philips brand new Air Purifier Series 3000i

Philip's revamped new series has worked on all of the shortcomings of its previous models. The sleek cylindrical model would draw air into filters from every direction. It would expel purified air from its top. Furthermore, it is not only more efficient but also easier to clean. With its excellent three-layer air filtration, it covers 484 square ft and consumes merely 58W.


While this might seem a tad bit more expensive, it is the best air purifier if you or anyone in your family has respiratory complexities. It consists of an F8 PreMax filter, which consists of a carbon filter and an H12/13 HEPA filter of hospital grade. Furthermore, it will cover an enormous 800 sq ft area and purify the air with its advanced technologies while consuming merely 6-18 W.

  • MI Air Purifier 3

Xiaomi's most popular product has been revamped to ensure a better quality of life. The new MI air purifier3 comes in an OLED display, helping customers decipher and calculate the air quality and PM levels. It draws in air from every direction through its 360-degree design and purifies the air through its HEPA filters. To avoid air bubbles and other problems, it expels the air from its top. This air purifier uses Google and Amazon assistants while consuming merely 38 W while covering 484 square ft.

  • Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic

Dyson's model has an integrated system that would moderate the air temperature. Its advanced HEPA filters covering 600 square ft and integrated system of either hot or cool air merely consume 40 W.

These are a few air purifiers that would be ideal for you to invest in. In this dire and foggy hour, investment in air purifiers is an investment in health.

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