The Various Industrial Uses of the Methanol

February 2021

Today, most of the vibrant and innovative industries use the chemical component methanol. It is a chemical liquid that is used in a variety of products such from plastics to fuels. It is also used as an effective energy source for the marine, automotive, and electricity industry. The methanol economy is massive in many parts of the world. Let us see more about the industrial uses of this versatile chemical. 

What is Methanol? 

Methanol or methyl is a form of alcohol chemical that is highly prevalent with the current industrial trend. Its efficiency as renewable energy is popular in the energy-producing and fuel industry. Many industries even think that methanol will be a massive fuel source shortly.

It is a chemical that makes a promising future by its clean energy potential. Synthetic methanol is made from natural gas. The base of this chemical is acetic acid formaldehyde. Mixing methanol with the products makes anything an intermediate product. Its myriads of uses have made it a winning chemical component of this era. 

The significance of methanol in the industrial world 

 Methanol a clean and versatile energy source 

The versatility of methanol is amusing in the power generation industry. There are highly efficient cell batteries created with the methanol. It is a chemical that can work in solar cells, rechargeable batteries, and gas engine generators. The chemical is capable to produce consistent energy than any other chemical component. Also, the energy created from the methanol is easy to store and transport. Due to its safety, reliability, versatile methanol is a clean energy source for the future. 

 Methanol in the fuel industry

The methanol chemical used as fuel in several combustion engines. Even though it is a chemical that can corrode the aluminium in the engine it is still an excellent fuel option. Also, the energy density of methanol is lesser than gasoline. In every way, it is a fantastic element in the fuel industry. Also, the best benefit of using methanol is that it is easy to store. Storing hydrogen or natural gas is unsafe and difficult. However, it is easier to store methanol for a longer time. Also, its biodegradability feature is another incredible advantage of the fuel industry. 

The various uses of methanol in industries 

  • Methanol is a famous chemical in the acetic acid and formaldehyde industries.¬†

  • The consumption of ethanol is discouraged by adding the methanol to denaturant.¬†

  • It is a chemical that is useful in plenty of de-freezing processes.¬†

  • Methanol is used in various sewage treatment processes to identify the bacteria‚Äôs.¬†

  • Many industries use this crucial chemical as a destaining agent.¬†

  • Methanol with water used in the automobile industry to increase the speed of the vehicle.¬†

  • It is also an effective chemical that is used in the production of aromatic materials.¬†

  • Methanol is used during the manufacturing process of t methyl esters and methylamines.


Today, many industries support the economy of methanol production. As many industries benefit from this chemical more production provides a promising future for industries.

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