The Secret Element is Always Cheese

Cheese is made of milk, a dairy product which comes in a variety of flavors, texture, and taste. It is a combination of fat and protein derived from milk. The milk which is used for making cheese is basically cow milk, goat milk, buffalo milk, or sheep milk.  The end product is generally in solid-state and it can easily get melt when it comes in contact with heat. You can have it raw or you can mix it up with your favorite snacks or dishes.

The different regions of the world have different varieties of cheese, the making procedures, and techniques of making cheese are different everywhere which ultimately gives you a wide variety of options to choose from.  You should know about the variation when it comes to cheese so that you can add a variety of cheese in your daily meals, it will enhance the flavors of your boring meals as well.

Varieties of Cheese

If you are a big fan of cheese and love to add it your every meal then here is the list of cheese which you can try:

  •         Emmental Cheese – Emmental cheese is a variety of cheese that comes straight from the central districts of Switzerland. It is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. Emmental is a hard cheese that comes in slices, it has a tangy taste of fruits with a sweet aroma. The fermentation process is very long and difficult which makes these cheeses a bit expensive as compared to others. In Switzerland, it is served with beverages, but you can also have them with slices of bread and butter.

  •         Gouda Cheese – Gouda is a semi-hard Dutch cheese that is very famous for its flavor and creamy taste. It is basically made of cow’s milk but some variants of this cheese are made of goat’s milk or sheep’s milk.  The fermentation process is very long here and cheese is aged for a very long period of time to get that exotic flavor. Graskass, overjarig, jong belegen, etc are some variants of gouda cheese.

  •         Feta Cheese – Feta is manufactured in Macedonia, and it is the only cheese which is manufactured here. It is widely used in spanakopita and Greek salads which are typical Greek dishes. It has a salty and tangy flavor, which will enhance the taste of the veggies and salads just by adding feta cheese to it. Feta is mostly used in pizzas and pies, people of Macedonia love to eat feta tossed in olive oil with pepper and nuts, and it is served with wines or beer.

  •         Brie Cheese – Brie is a French cheese and also known as ‘’king of cheese’’. It is very soft and creamy in texture. It is basically prepared with unpasteurized milk of cow, the manufacturing process of brie is different and the ingredients used for the manufacturing decide its taste and color.


Therefore, there are varieties of cheese available in the market apart from the above-mentioned ones. You can easily get this cheese from the supermarket and create your own specialty by mixing it with your favorite dishes. 

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