The 7 Best Healthy Meat Varieties in the World

February 2021

Meat is the most favourite food source of humans for many ages. There are both animal and plant meat consumed by individuals today. The meat industry is massive with tons of production and sales. There are plenty of varieties of meat in the world. Let us see more about the types of meat and the benefits of consuming it. 

Is Meat a Healthy Food? 

Meat is a high protein food that is good for health. Like any food, more amount of meat can cause several health complications. However, eating meat in the right quantity can provide amino acids and enhance collagen. Meat also contains some of the crucial vitamins.

Iron and zinc are some of the healthy components of meat. Depending on the animal, its fat content, tenderness and colour of the meat vary. Fresh meat is an excellent source of protein for your body. However, processed meat is unhealthy for the body. Also, to eat healthy meat, you need to cook it at the right temperature. Now let us see some variety of meat and its nutritional benefits.  

The Types and Benefits of Different Types of Meat  

  • Beef

Beef is the most popular meat delicacy in the world. Beef is a food item that is rich in fatty acid. The steaks, beef cubes, beef slices, the beef chunk is used around the world on different dishes. Ground beef is another type of beef that is used in burgers. 

  • Chicken

Chicken meat is high in protein. It is one of the meats that come with low-fat content. Skinless chicken meat is the only meat that does not contain any saturated fat. Roast chicken, grill chicken, fried chicken are some of the popular chicken meat dishes. Chicken breast and broth have plenty of nutritional benefits. 

  • Lamb

Lamb is the tenderest meat of young sheep. It is also the most expensive meat than others. It is a meat variety with maximum nutritional benefits. A lamb skillet, lamb fry, lamb gravy are the popular lamb dishes in the world. 

  • Goat

Goat meat is meat that contains more muscles and flesh than lamb meat. The goat meat is healthy and has plenty of benefits. Even its fat is a healthy fat for the human body. It is a type of meat that is easy to infuse with any type of flavour. 

  • Turkey

Turkey is the king of the holiday season. Turkey is the dense meat variety on the list. It is a popular meat in the USA during the holiday season. Cooking this meat to perfection is tricky. Turkey roasting and brimming is the famous dishes with this meat. 

  • Pork

Pork is the only meat variety that contains omega fatty acids. It is also a food source rich in vitamin B1. From bacon, pork chops, pork ribs, pork brine everything is delicious. It is also one of the flavorful meat varieties in the world. 

  • Seafood

There are also meat varieties in the sea such as shellfish, crab and other meaty fishes. Fish meat is the healthiest meat in the world. 


There are plenty of benefits of all these types of meat varieties. With the right cooking methods and recipes, you can benefit from these healthy meats.

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