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Super Foods that Help Combat Lung Cancer

Long before pharmaceutical medicinal formulations were invented, our ancestors relied on certain superfoods to help combat and cure the most deadly of diseases. Consumption of superfoods is said to significantly lower the risk of contracting fatal ailments and health disorders. Lung cancer, for example. It is a menace that has taken the lives of many and continues to be one of the leading death causes in the modern era. To steer clear of it, eating certain superfoods is the best remedy. Below is a list of some superfoods that help to keep lung cancer miles away from you.

  • Apples are a fruit that a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants that help strengthen the body’s immunity and keep up the anti-inflammatory ability. Research shows that an apple (or two) a day can keep all kinds of cancers away. Say thanks to the flavonoids for that. While it is true that all fruits and vegetables possess flavonoids in varying amounts, apples however have specific flavonoids that help lower the risk of lung cancer. Regular intake of apples can curtail the occurrence of lung cancer disease by 10 percent.

  • Garlic’s potency as a remedial medicine has been well-known since the time of Hippocrates who, coincidentally was the man responsible for coining the term “cancer.” He, and many other researchers afterward, have elaborately pointed out that garlic has an assortment of medicinal traits that make it more than just a pungent-smelling and flavorsome vegetable. Consumption of garlic helps the body to stall the growth of cancer cells by increasing the actions of natural killer cells and macrophages (white blood cells that promote immunity.) If you wish to take advantage of garlic’s anti-cancer powers, you must consume it in raw form. A Chinese study found that people who consumed raw garlic at least twice a week, their bodies were 40 percent more safeguarded against lung cancer than others.

  • Onion is another kitchen staple that, like garlic, is endowed with the ability to reduce cancer risk in your body. Onion has anti-oxidant features that help it in disrupting the growth of cancer cells in the body. At present, researchers are occupied in trying to discern the role and usefulness of onion extracts in fight cancer. Until concrete evidence emerges, it is advisable that you infuse a dash of onion-goodness in your daily recipes, and ensure that lung cancer does not act as a spoiler.

  • Eating fish is a very good habit to have for the sake of good health. Regular consumption of fish can cut down the risk of lung cancer by up to 21 percent, says one research. The presence of abundant omega-3 fatty acids is the protective shield that ensures that cancer cells inside your body do not act fishy – pun intended. Eat omega-3 fatty acids-rich fish, and you will not be susceptible to ailments including lung cancer, blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Nobody wishes for any disease or disorder to befall upon their bodies, and certainly not cancer. The best way to make sure is by eating right and eating well!

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