Smartphones: Time for Infrastructure-related Innovation

May 2021

A quick glance around the room you're currently in reveals how much a cellphone has permeated our everyday lives. Some people may not be happy about this change, but it's hard to argue with how convenient they are. Plus, there are so many types these days! 

In this post we'll explain what smartphones are, a little about their history, and what sets each type apart from one another. We'll also discuss the market share of different smartphone brands worldwide in 2017 and who the top rivals for Apple are right now. 

If you're reading this on your phone right now, you can probably stop reading. But if you're one of the few holdouts that still has a flip phone, or maybe are just not sure what smartphones are and why they matter, here's a quick primer: A smartphone is a cell phone (also known as a mobile phone) that has advanced functionality and connectivity. Most people mean smart phones when they use the term 'smartphone', but PDA phones and PDAs also qualify. 

Smartphones are amazing things. They allow us to quickly access anything we want, and with the help of apps, they also allow us to complete tasks more easily and more accurately than ever before. But with phones becoming so central to our lives, many have overlooked the fact that they can be just as challenging as they are helpful. 

Pedestrian and motorist safety are the biggest issues that all have to face when driving with map apps, and with high-quality GPS navigation devices becoming cheaper than ever. The truth is that these apps and devices aren't always complete. It's very easy to miss a turn, or look at the phone instead of the road while using these systems. 

The result of this can be disastrous for both pedestrians and motorists. It's estimated that as many as 25% of the people who are killed in car crashes involving pedestrians are actually killed by drivers looking at their phones. And it's not just smartphones, it also includes tablets, laptops, video games and more. 

There are so many apps that promise to make your life easier. But while these apps help you navigate through life, they can also be dangerous for you, and others. If you want to keep yourself and others safe on the roads, then consider installing one of these tracking apps for your smartphone. 

Smartphone Mounts: Google Maps is the most popular navigation app in the world. It's free, it's constantly evolving with new features and it's widely used across the globe. Which means that if you end up getting lost or disoriented when looking for a restaurant or gas station, you're probably going to have a tough time getting back on track without getting sidetracked by a map app on your smartphone. 

What makes the best GPS navigation devices so great is that they give you real-time directions and accurate information about any accident or traffic jam that might slow you down. But what if you do get lost? Where's your backup plan, aside from Google Maps, of course? Well, one of the most useful smartphone accessories on the market right now is a device called Navmii. It lets you use your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to access Navmii maps, which contain turn-by-turn directions to guide you through busy roads and highways to get to your destination safely.

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