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Skin Cancer – Uncontrollable Growth of Cells

When your skin gets exposed to the sun, it develops an abnormal growth of skin cells, which leads to various types of common skin cancer. But these common categories of cancers can also arise on the areas of your skin that are not usually exposed to the sunlight.

In India, about 0.5% to 4.8% of females and 0.04% to 6.2% of males suffer from skin cancer, which is comparatively low in proportion as compared to other countries.

Furthermost, there is a various treatment that can help to cure the skin cancer. The treatment includes simple excision, curettage, cryosurgery, Mohs micrographic surgery, and electrodesiccation to treat basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma type of skin cancer. For treating melanoma, surgical removal or excision is used.

Body parts that get affected in skin cancer

In women, skin cancer occurs in the areas that are under sun explosion, which includes

  •         Scalp

  •         Face

  •         Lips

  •         Ears

  •         Neck

  •         Chest

  •         Arms and hands

  •         Legs

But it can also affect the areas that are rarely exposed to the light of the sun. This includes regions like –

  •         Palms

  •         Beneath your fingernails or toenails

  •         Genital area

Types of common skin cancer

  • Basal Cell CarcinomaThis type of skin cancer occurs in basal cells that are found at the bottom of the epidermis. Basal cells functions to produce new cells to replace the old dead cells. This cancer appears as translucent bumps on the skin areas of the head and neck, hence, are easily noticeable. They can also occur in other forms.

  • Melanoma – This is the most serious type of skin cancer that occurs in melanin-producing cells. It can extend from the surface of the skin into the deeper layer of the skin. Apart from developing on the back, face, arms, and legs, it can also occur in the soles of the feet, fingernail beds, and palm of the hands. Further, melanoma is subdivided into four categories – nodular, acral lentiginous, superficial spreading, and lentigo maligna.

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma – This type of skin cancer develops in the squamous cell that built up the middle and outer layers of the skin. It is commonly called cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, to understand the difference between it with other squamous cancer that occurs in different body parts. It can occur in various body parts like the head, face, neck, and arms.

Foods to reduce symptoms of skin cancer

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma

Your body needs a sufficient amount of BEC – solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides to fight this type of skin cancer. Therefore, you should add tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and bell pepper to your diet as they have this component present in it.

  • Melanoma

The presence of vitamins in your body can assist you to reduce the symptoms of melanoma skin cancer. Foods such as green leafy vegetables, fishes, tomatoes, legumes, and sweet potatoes are some of the best sources of vitamins that you can add to your diet.

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Healthy foods such as beans, meat, whole grains products, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables can help to minimize the symptoms of Squamous Cell Carcinoma skin cancer.


The most effective and common treatments for skin cancer includes surgical removal of the tumor, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

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