5 Reliable Roofing Materials That Give an Impressive Look to Buildings and Offices

The first impression that is perceived by the mind at the glance of a building is through its exterior. The beautiful look and design with vibrant colors and texture in the exterior of the house or office are given by the roofing materials used in it. The outside top covering that protects the interior of a place from extreme weather conditions and makes it durable for a great stay is through the right roofing material. With the increasing demand for roofing materials, the roofing industry is booming.

Selection of an Appropriate Roofing Material 

The selection of roofing material depends on several factors, including climatic conditions. The extremely hot place has a different roofing than a cold and cold place. Hence, an idea about roofing materials is a top priority, whether giving a new look to a house or repairing damage caused to office premises. The most found roofing materials in the roofing industry that is frequently used are:

Asphalt Shingle Roofs - Asphalt is an omnipresent substance found readily available. This makes the roofing very cost-effective for the owners to buy and beautify the interiors by saving on the roofing materials. It is widely used for waterproofing and is found more in North America. One can make many choices in it as it comes in various colors and shapes and gives a different look to the house as these shingles come in luxury, dimensional, and 3-tab shingles.

Customization - With the spending capacity of the homeowners, they can opt for a suitable roof in luxury or 3-tab shingles; both are around 25-30 years of warranty, but luxury is the costliest among the three categories of shingles, making the roofing industry stronger.

  • Metal Roofs - A chain of metal panels stacked together to give an impactful roofing material. As per the design of the way they are arranged, it provides free movement to contract and expand and work beautifully in a change in climatic conditions.

  • Customization - Metal roofing gives an artistic look to the whole house. It can be paired beautifully with other roofing materials to provide a unique look. This feature gives the roofing industry a solid boost.

  • Slate roofs- The slant, small, big, square stacking style of roofs that beautifies the look of the building with its elegance is the slate roofs that add up to the cost as properly arranging these requires a lot of patience, expertise, and time to install it.

  • Benefit - Though costly, slant roofs are worth the amount spent as they have a long-lasting review and positive signs of longevity with no complaints of chipping, cracks, or any issue after installation, contributing to the roofing market growth.

  • Synthetic Shingle- The best part of a synthetic shingle is that it is made of recycled materials from plastic and rubber. Due to this reason, composite synthetic shingles are gaining immense popularity and trending roofing material. 

  • Benefit- Looks classy at low cost as synthetic shingles are formed with slate tiles to make it look rich in the outer part of the roofs, making the roofing industry gain popularity.

  • Cedar Roofs- These roofing materials are made of sections made by extracting wood from cedar trees. The only drawback of using this material is that a warranty or shelf life cannot be ascertained of how durable the roof will be as cracks and color degradation is common in this type of material.

  • Benefit - Cedar roof gives an eco-friendly roofing option and gives a feel of a pleasant appeal through natural woods arrangement in roofing.

Commercial roofing manufacturers are confident that these varieties will increase the roofing materials market value.

The factors that trigger the roofing market to thrive

Construction, developments, new ventures, start-up projects, and government support to promote upcoming enterprises with ease in the loan process scale up the construction industry and the roofing market.

The roofing market is projected to reach USD 1.57 Billion by 2030 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.85% from 2021 to 2030, according to the roofing industry statistics.


Roofing materials influence the design, shape, color, structure, and longevity of a building. The spurt in urbanization and rise in the spending capacity of the population due to a good income source is initiating the roofing industry to progress.

A dream house and office create a special corner in our hearts. Make it as unique as it can be with the right choice of roofing material! The roofing industry is all set to help you achieve your dreams.

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