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According to the polyamides market analysis, the polyamides industry was valued at USD 39 billion in 2022. The global polyamide market size is estimated to hit around USD 66 billion by 2030, registering growth at a CAGR of 8% over the forecast period 2022 to 2030.

Polyamides are synthetic polymers made by linking an amino group of one molecule with a carboxylic acid group of another. They also include many synthetic fibers, such as nylon. Polyamides are generally made by combining two monomers - adipic acid with 1,6-diaminohexane. After these two monomers have reacted together, they form water as a by-product of each polymer chain linkage. This process is known as polymerization – which is the linking of two monomers. Amide bonds hold together polymers like polyamide. Polyamides can be divided into three families — aliphatic, semi-aromatic, and aromatic polyamides, also known as aramids. Manufacturers and engineers often are looking for material that is more lightweight, flexible, durable, and protective, like metal. The outstanding solution is polyamides. Because polyamides are convenient, reliable, and cost-effective, making them a mainstay product in manufacturing and across various industries. Fabrics such as silk, wool, and nylon are all examples of polyamides — nylon is synthetic, whereas wool and silk are natural polyamides. High performance at a reasonable cost - synthetic polyamide thermoplastics is important in engineering. Nylons are a type of aliphatic polyamides. Known as Kevlar, the strong, heat-resistant fiber is another example of an aramid. These aramids are sturdier and have better resistance properties than aliphatic nylon polyamides.

The polyamide may take a harder, sturdier structure when cast as a resin or take a woven form when manufactured as a fabric. For strength and flexibility, it may sometimes be braided for a unique blend. Polyamide also often features in items that require strength and flexibility, including gears, guitar picks and strings, fishing lines, electrical connectors, and medical implants. PVC-jacketed metallic conduits are lighter than industrial polyamide cable protection systems that are generally superior in performance. These are highly engineered and specially modified for high-impact flexibility and resistance. They also give reduced assembly periods and greater convenience.

Polyamide cable protection systems are standard in the rail, manufacturing, transit, and wind industries globally. This technology has been slower to catch on in the US. Many mechanical and electrical engineers lack training in its uses and advantages. However, the polyamides industry has been growing over the years.

Polyamides are substantial due to their industrial applications. Some of them are:

  • Automotive industry: polyamide often forms air intake manifolds, valve covers, engine covers, and airbag containers in addition to external components like handles, grilles, wheel covers, and fuel caps & lids. Earlier metals were used, but polyamide makes for lighter, more fuel-efficient cars and reduces production costs.

  • Food & beverage industry: uses polyamide systems to provide food hygiene in areas where foreign contaminating components may come into contact with food. These systems are very common in food-packaging production plants.

  • Robotics industry: requires highly durable and flexible components, to which polyamides are the solution. It is also used in wire and cable protection in robotics.

The highest growth is projected by Asia-Pacific due to higher per capita income in the developing market economies, middle-class population growth, and increased living standards. The rapidly expanding automotive manufacturing industry is also supplementing the regional consumer demand for the development of the polyamides industry. The great driving forces for growth are the supply of low-cost labor and raw materials and increased purchasing capacity. Moreover, the global specialty polyamide market is drawn by many untapped opportunities.

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