What Comes Next? Predictions for the Future of the Mountain Bike Market

April 2021

The mountain biking industry is rapidly growing and changing. With so many new innovations in the marketplace, it is hard to keep track of what the coolest new trend is. The internet has opened up a whole world of information for riders and manufacturers. What was once a niche activity, now has very popular races, events, clothing lines, and magazines dedicated to this sport. The industry's rapid growth poses a significant threat to the environment - but there are some solutions which may be able to reverse this trend and help keep these trails open for generations to come.

The sport of mountain biking is growing at an exponential rate. This new trend can be attributed to a number of things including more accessible information about the sport and the opening up of new trails. Another reason for this booming interest is that almost anyone can enjoy mountain biking, regardless of age or skill level. Mountain biking is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature while having fun!

The first bikes created were basically two wheeled bicycles with extra suspension added. They were capable of being ridden on both dirt and paved roads or trails, but there was no barrier between these two surfaces, which made it difficult to control bike handling. The first "real" mountain bike was created in 1974 by Joe Breeze. There are many great reasons to mountain bike, but the growing numbers of people attracted to this sport pose a serious problem. This is especially true in cities where land is at a premium. There has been a stated need to have regulations and limits placed on how many people can bike together in order to keep the routes open for everyone, not just "the mountain bikers". The solution for this problem will be difficult because it will require all parties to work together in finding a compromise.

This threat of overuse poses much more of a problem then you may think. In places such as California, New Jersey, and New York City bike trails have been destroyed by over-use of vehicles (such as motorcycles). The future of mountain bikes is a lot more exciting than many cyclists realize — with some experts predicting that by 2020, e-bikes will make up 20% of the world’s bike market.

If you’re a regular mountain biker who still rides a traditional upright bike, you’ve likely noticed that the top-of-the-line models are getting lighter and more efficient. Bikes on the market today are much higher quality than they were just two or three years ago — and every year they get lighter and more powerful. Of course, we’re talking about bikes that cost in the thousands of dollars… but there is hope for the rest of us yet!

A lot of innovations are taking place in the world of consumer tech right now, which can be beneficial to cyclists. At the same time, companies in the global mountain bike market will also get benefited due to the shifting trends in consumer preferences.

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