Mezcal: its Significance and the Impact on Health

February 2021

Mezcal is a handmade agave spirit in México. Today, Mezcal is a world-famous cocktail drink. If you have the habit of drinking a cocktail, then you may have come across this drink. It is not just a drink but a beautiful tradition in Mexico. People in Mexico are making this drink for some 100 years. Mezcal is the best-tasting cocktail drink in the world. Now let us see what makes Mezcal the best. 

What is a Mezcal

The agave spirits are vast and it comes in different varieties. Mezcal is one of the fine-class drinks of the agave variety. Even tequila is a kind of Mezcal. There are much more drinks that are made from Mezcal. Many countries have the right to grow Mezcal plants. 

The making procedure of Mezcal

  • Mezcal comes from the agave plant. There are numerous types of agave from which the Mezcal is made. The taste of the drink may vary according to the plantation method. Each Mezcal has its character and specialty. The elevation, climate, soil composition may vary for every plant.¬†

  • Depending on the type of agave, the plantation type is eight top thirty years. A fully ripe agave is about 15 feet in height.¬†

  • Before harvesting, the agave woods are cut down with a machete. The agave leaves look similar to aloe vera.¬†

  • For a single batch of Mezcal, the plants are processed several times. Some of the agave plants are even put in pit to create tequila from it.¬†

  • The whole process of Mezcal is labor-intensive.¬†

The health impacts of Mezcal

It is a healthy compound 

Mezcal is a reputed healthy spirit in the world. It is a drink made with organic substances that has plenty of health benefits. From citrus, herbal, essential oil and it is a mix of more flavors. Many think that Mezcal is a magical drink. Also, it has a positive influence on the mood due to its aroma. 

It has cancer-fighting properties 

Recent researches prove that Mezcal is not unhealthy like other alcoholic beverages. Mezcal has cancer-fighting properties. Also, Limonene is a cancer-fighting element that is available in Mezcal. It has antitumor properties. Some of the other benefits of the drink are to reduce obesity, bronchitis and other conditions similar to this. 

For reducing stress 

The Mezcal drink can lift your spirits. Drinking Mezcal can reduce chronic to mild stress. It has antidepressant effects as per the research. Anxiety will also reduce when drinking Mezcal. 

The effects of lowering blood pressure 

If you are struggling with hypertension and blood pressure, then Mezcal can keep the condition under control. The agave plant contains citronella that soothes the muscles and lowers your blood pressure. 

Mezcal can fight-inflammation 

Unlike other alcoholic drink, the Mezcal does not cause inflammation. Instead, its anti-inflammatory properties help in injury healing, heart attack and other chronic inflammatory diseases. 


Mezcal is a drink that you need to earn. It is a superior class spirit that is fantastic in taste and benefits. Consider the above points to know more benefits about it. 

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