Leading Packaged Food Brands in the USA

February 2021

A rise in the packaged food industry is a result of an array of factors. 

The changing lifestyles of the current generation, the effects on people throughout the pandemic, a need to cater to their healthy lifestyle choices, and a shift towards plant-based diets lead to the surge in this sector. 

According to straits research, the packaged food industry valued at USD 2.70 trillion in 2018 will touch USD 3.86 trillion by 2026. A CAGR of 4.56% has been estimated for the years 2019-2026.

Mega Manufacturers of Packaged Food Brands in the USA

Technology has always remained an integral factor which the manufacturers take into account during production. Therefore, concerning this, Nanotechnology has been a catalyst. The changing technical advancements have led to a smooth cycle of processing, preservation and, distribution of packaged food products globally. North America has distinctly been a large contributor to the packaged food industry. 

The following are the brands that have succeeded in keeping a mark as the leaders in Packaged Food Manufacturing across the United States.

  • Nestle C.A

The Swiss food giant founded by Henri Nestle in 1866 has been a producer of more than 2000 products consumed by individuals worldwide. In USA Nestle, has made its mark in terms of sales and revenue. It stands as the leading producer of packaged food. With a record of net sales of over USD 1.1 billion, about 450 companies are under Nestle. Nestle products stem from Baby products to bottled water, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, snacks and, pet foods.

  • General Mills, Inc

An established supplier of food products to the American food industry, General Mills has been a fierce competitor of Kellogg’s in becoming the leading producer of cereal. Kix, Chex, Cheerios, Wheaties and, Lucky Charms are some of the best products by General Mills. The renowned gourmet ice cream brand Haagen-Daz is owned by General Mills.

  • The Hershey Company

Leading the production of sweets and chocolates, Hershey's has generated revenue of more than USD 7.4 billion with more than 80 brands across the world. Around 18,000 employees work worldwide to maintain the standards of production of stellar products. The popular products by Hershey's are Kisses, Jolly Rancher, Reese's and, Ice Breakers.

  • ConAgra Foods, Inc

With its headquarters in Chicago, ConAgra is the leading chain of producers in North America. With their focussed vision of combining a rich heritage of making food with a sharpened focus on innovating, it has succeeded in generating leading food products in the market. Keeping the health and nutrition quotient at the central point, ConAgra had launched the "better-for-you" product range in 2019. It brings forth ten products with its focus on the transformation of its portfolio.

  • Frito-lay Inc

The no.1 producer of potato chips, ranging across the United States, holds 35% of the world's markets and 60% of the United States. Lays, Cheetos, Doritos, Ruffles are products of the snack giant. Operating in 42 countries other than the USA, Frito-Lay has generated revenues worth USD 4 billion outside the States.

Therefore, among the top brands of packaged food in the USA, the above mentioned brings the confluence of scientific technology and consumer awareness to carve a niche in the world markets.

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