Top 3 Reasons to Switch from Regular Tea to Kombucha

February 2021

Kombucha is a healthy drink made of tea and other ingredients. Kombucha is a beneficial probiotic fermented tea, this energy drink helps to prevent hair loss and it is also very beneficial for cancer and AIDs patients. The antioxidants present in the tea kills bacteria and it helps to fight various diseases as well.  Kombucha has a very unique taste unlike any other regular tea, it is a bit sweet and sour in taste.

Kombucha which is also known as mushroom tea, got its origin in China, 2000 years back, the drink got its popularity from there and it started to spread to Russia and Japan. Kombucha is basically a mixture of black tea, yeast, and sugar, the mixture is kept aside for a week or two for the fermentation process. The level of sugar in the tea can be adjusted according to the health problems.

Thereafter, during the fermentation process, the mixture starts to develop bacteria, alcohol, and acids, it starts to pop up and create a thin layer on the mixture. This film on the top is called SCOBY, it can be used to ferment more kombucha.  

Healthcare Benefits Of Kombucha

Kombucha has multiple health benefits, it helps to get rid of the toxins available in the body, it also helps in digestion, helps weight loss, and boosts the immunity system. Here are the top 3 reasons, why you should drink kombucha more often.

  •         Good source of probiotics – During the fermentation process, the mixture tends to develop several bacterias. It also contains lactic acid bacteria that may have probiotic functions. Probiotics provide healthy bacteria and these good bacteria provide multiple health benefits including inflammation, digestion, and weight loss.

  •         Reduces the risk of heart diseases - One of the most common causes of death around the globe is heart disease. It is very important to include healthy habits in our lifestyle and replacing your regular tea with kombucha can be a very good idea. Tea helps to protect the LDL cholesterol from oxidation which is the ultimate cause of heart disease.

  •         Kombucha carries antioxidants – Many doctors believe that antioxidants from beverages and foods are best for the human body as compare to any supplements. Kombucha, when combined with green tea can create antioxidant effects on the liver. Kombucha lowers the toxicity caused by the chemicals present in the body.

Kombucha helps to cure all health problems related to chronic diseases; the goodness of probiotics and the benefits of green tea is very beneficial for health. Homemade kombucha needs a lot of effort as you need to do the proper fermentation process so that the tea doesn’t get contaminated, as the contaminated kombucha can do more harm than good.


However there is very little limited evidence to support all the health benefits of drinking kombucha, but people around the globe love to drink kombucha because of its fizzy taste and the amount of alcohol present in it.

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