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Isopropyl Alcohol or 2-propanol: The Most Usual Part of Alcohol Family

Isopropyl alcohol is a chemical compound that is flammable, colorless, and with some strong odor. There are various uses of isopropyl alcohol, it is basically mixed with water and used as rubbing alcohol antiseptics. It is also mixed in various drugs and cosmetics like hand lotion, aftershave, and other cosmetics. It is also used in gums and shellacs.

Isopropyl alcohol can be dangerous for your health as it can be poisonous to the body. When the liver is not able to handle the amount of isopropyl alcohol in the body, it causes several health issues and triggers other health problems. The symptoms of isopropyl alcohol poisoning can be seen immediately after consumption or after few hours.

The noticeable symptoms of isopropyl alcohol poisoning

The serious problems include:

  •         A sense of confusion all the time

  •         Severe pain in the stomach

  •         Dizziness

  •         Short breathing or slower breathing

  •         Coma

  •         Low blood pressure

  •         Fast heart rate

  •         Stammering

  •         Lower body temparatuer

  •         Vomiting

  •         Nausea

  •         Severe pain in the throat

  •         A sense of burning in the throat

If you are noticing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then immediately seek medical help or run to your nearest hospital. These symptoms require immediate treatment or else the person can lose their life.

Abuses of Isopropyl alcohol

The human body can handle only a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. Only about 20% to 50% of isopropyl alcohol is revoked by the kidneys and the rest is turned into acetone, this acetone, with the help of lungs and kidneys, gets filtered out from the body.

The abuses of isopropyl can lead to poising and cause deaths. People buy isopropyl alcohol for the purpose of drinking, they want to get drunk so they buy them and drink them on purpose. Isopropyl alcohol is present in every household cleaning kind of stuff, so basically people who want to commit suicide, drink the cleaning products containing isopropyl alcohol on purpose.

Prevention tips

If you are noticing that your loved ones are at risk of theft harming or hurting someone then the basic things you can do are mentioned below:

  •       Call for immediate help from the nearest hospital

  •         Don’t leave that person till the ambulance arrived

  •         All the harmful things should be removed from the sight of the person including knives, guns, etc

  •         Try to listen to the person’s perspective, do not argue with them, try to threaten them or yell at them so that they can come back to the senses


The isopropyl alcohol is easily available in household items, any type of perfumes, rubbing alcohol, and paint thinners. The children are very prone to eat whatever they find on floors so try to keep these things at the safest place of your home where the children can’t reach them.  Try to wear gloves whenever you are dealing with these dangerous items especially cleaning products.

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