The Complete Overview of the Goals and Benefits of Homeland Security

February 2021

Homeland security is all about the protection of the country against terrorism. It is a force under the police department working for a special cause. It is also an emergency sector available in many countries. It is a force that regulates and prevents man-made incidents. It is a force that was found in the United States. There are plenty of societal benefits of homeland security services. Now let us see the complete overview of it. 

The History of Homeland Security

The homeland security system was found in September 2001 by President George W Bush in the United States. It was a mission launched after the brutal terror attacks in America. The four primary policies of this mission are emergency response, countermeasures, transportation security and infrastructure protection. It is a national strategy for America to take emergency steps against terrorism. However, there are several challenges and goals when executing the homeland security system. 

The National Strategies of the Homeland System

America created six crucial strategies to fight against territories and vulnerabilities. The six focal points of this force are as follows 

  • The intelligence and warning program.

  • Domestic protection and counterterrorism.

  • Defending threats related to catastrophe

  • Security for border and transportation¬†

  • Protection for crucial infrastructural assets¬†

  • Emergency response and preparedness against terrorism¬†

The Crucial Departments Under the Homeland Security System

  • The Department of Border and Transportation Security Force

The agencies that protect border and transportation are the coast guard, customs and patrol. These departments are responsible to protect the water territory, borders and databases. Improving security and domestic transportation protection is an essential part of this force. 

  • The Department of Response and Preparedness

The national health and welfare services are a significant part of this department. All these government agencies receive proper training to handle money services. Also, the firefighter and disaster management team will involve in this department. 

  • The Science and Technology Department

It is a department that safeguards the radiology, chemical and nuclear countermeasures. The task of these agencies is to research, develop, and protect the homeland by vaccination. This department will also engage in chemical, biological and nuclear plants. 

  • The Information Analysis and Infrastructure Department

The FBI, national defence, the department of commerce, the department of energy and other departments are a part of this force. National intelligence will monitor information sharing factors. 

The Future Scope of Homeland Security

Homeland security was found in the US. However, today many countries are implementing this force to protect the country against terrorism. This force is always under development with plenty of more protection program. There are plenty of agencies in this program. It is a successful force so far and out will also be a success in the future. The scope for homeland security soon is massive. Also, there is expected to be improvements in communication, coordination and even more effective strategies. 


Homeland security is an integral part of many countries protection and security system. It is a force that acts with urgency for the welfare of the country and the people. 

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