Making Sense of the Global Hemangioma Market Trends

April 2021

A hemangioma is a type of vascular tumour that carries a large amount of blood vessels. Hemangiomas are not cancerous, but they can cause issues such as infection and ulcers on the skin. This blog post will explore the global hemangioma market, its trends, key players and factors affecting it.

The global hemangioma market saw an increase in volume during the last couple of years due to medical developments in technologies that improved patient outcomes and increased efficacy for treatment options. Healthcare professionals also recognized the need for more reliable diagnosis methods bringing the total annual number of patients being diagnosed with this condition up from 50 to approximately 200 over the same period. Additionally, the increase in prevalence and incidence of cardiovascular issues such as atherosclerosis and aortic dissection has resulted in an increase in the number of patients with growths on their eyelids, digits or coronary arteries. Therefore, there was a significant rise in the number of hemangiomas being observed during these years.

Hemangioma are typically benign tumours that occur when abnormal blood vessels grow in areas of skin without sufficient oxygen supply. They are often found on the face or extremities of young children where they can look like birthmarks. Hemangiomas may also be found on other parts of the body including the neck, chest, trunk and abdomen.

The first step in determining the severity of a hemangioma is to determine the location. The most common locations for a hemangioma are on the head and neck, trunk, and extremities. Hemangiomas can grow rapidly and multiply in size. They may also become inflamed or ulcerated if they have been present for more than 10 weeks.

Hemangiomas are benign vascular tumors that commonly occur in infants but can also be found in adults (rare). They are caused by an excessive growth of cells which produce blood vessels within the skin and other body tissues.

Hemangiomas can be isolated or grouped in multiple forms. Each of these may be deeply coloured, red or blue and may present on the surface of the skin as a bump, bruise, spot or mass. This makes its diagnosis a challenge for doctors unless they use ultraviolet light to check for blood vessels. The growth of hemangiomas can also vary in terms of size. As well as affecting the skin, hemangiomas can grow internally and can even flow into adjacent tissues.

The markets main issues are that there is inconsistency with medical guidelines about treating these conditions. The lack of clear guidance for doctors limits the use of existing treatments and thus does not contribute to the growth in revenue.

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