Greeting Card Industry - Expressing emotions from ages

June 2016

Who doesn’t love to receive a card on special occasions, greeting cards helps us in expressing or care and feeling in an innovative way. It expresses different emotions joy, happiness, love, sympathy, etc. There are options of e-cards but the feel and emotion handmade cards have that can’t be replaced. The cards shows that you have actually thought for that person took out time for them from your busy life just to make them feel special and put a smile on their face. The greeting cards are one of the best ways to tell someone that they are important to you.

This beautiful concept of sending greeting card came from China. In 1850 these cards gained popularity and their price hiked. In 1971 Recycled Paper Greetings, Inc. introduced cards made out of recycled paper which was a great hit in the market.

There are different varieties of greeting cards some of them are as following:

1 Counter card: these are generally sold individually, and are in contrast with boxed cards.

2 Photo Greeting cards: these are cards which are in combination with photos, text and artwork.

3 Standard Greeting card: these cards are made on high quality papers and are generally of folded rectangular shape with pictures and creative fonts. On the inner side of the card there is message printed.

4 Personalized Greeting card: these cards are customizable ones, and are made as per demand of the customer.

5 Pop-Up cards: in these cards are have a popup picture coming out when opened.

6 Risqué Greeting Cards: these cards contain humors which are generally adult based.

Nowadays, Electronic card is over the world, it is also known as e-card. E-cards are sent through emails. E-card can be sent to many people at a single click. There are varieties of option for e-cards of different shape, size, texture, creativity, etc. it can also be customized as be the requirement of the user.


-Shubhra Ketan



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