Global Hydrocephalus Market: A Brief Discussion

February 2021

Hydrocephalus is about the storage of CSF or cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles or brain cavities. The fluid buildup makes the ventricles expand, and it thereby causes the brain size to increase abnormally. The normal condition sees the CSF flow via the cavities of the spinal column and brain without getting obstructed. However, the uncontrolled accumulation of CSF poses damaging effects to the brain tissues. It causes various brain disorders.

Global Hydrocephalus Market: The Current Scenario

  • Although hydrocephalus can develop in a person irrespective of age, it is seen more in infants as well as senior citizens. The escalated prevalence of hydrocephalus requires more sophisticated treatments to address the situation. Since more and more patients are looking for appropriate hydrocephalus treatment, the global hydrocephalus market is on the rise.

  • The initial treatment of hydrocephalus is shunting. Shunting contributes by forming a bypass so that the stored fluid can move to other body parts. Nowadays, more and more hydrocephalus patients (especially senior citizens) are opting for minimally invasive surgeries. Such preferences are going to drive the global market of hydrocephalus in the upcoming days.

  • Furthermore, increasing disposable income of consumers and high advancements and growth in today’s healthcare infrastructure are anticipated to boost the advancements of the global hydrocephalus market in the upcoming years.

Global Hydrocephalus Market: About the Dynamics

  • Many people are not familiar with or conscious enough about the proper treatment of hydrocephalus. This lack of awareness is inhibiting the growth of the worldwide hydrocephalus market.

  • However, the introduction of shunts (for extracting the buildup of CSF) and the development of scanning equipment to detect the condition have paved the way for market development.

  • Furthermore, improvements and advancements have also been introduced to the hydrocephalus treatment to ensure short-term relief in this regard.

  • Furthermore, efforts are going on to introduce treatments to cure hydrocephalus at primary stages. All these aspects are working towards the massive growth of the global hydrocephalus market.

Market Segmentation

  • When it comes to the worldwide hydrocephalus shunts market, segmentation can be based on age-group, product, region, and end-user.

  • When it is about the product, the global hydrocephalus shunts market is segregated into catheters, valves, neuronavigation systems, and so on. Valves can be further classified into adjustable and fixed.

  • The valves division accounts for the largest share in the global hydrocephalus shunts market throughout the forecast period. It has been possible because of the escalated requirements for valves to ensure hydrocephalus shunting. Moreover, today’s market has a vast range of products, and it is also boosting the global hydrocephalus shunts market.

  • In terms of the age-group, the market is divided into adults, children, toddlers, and infants.

  • Nonetheless, the “infants” division is expected to experience the fastest CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) throughout the forecast period. The reason for the same is the escalating cases of hydrocephalus among infants. Furthermore, more and more people are getting conscious of the treatment’s importance. It is also ensuring the growth of the worldwide hydrocephalus shunts market.

Based on the end-user, the market is classified into ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals. The hospital division accounts for the highest market share.

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