Pros and Cons of Wearing a Face Shield

February 2021

The face shield is protective equipments that protect the entire face of the user and helps them to stay protected from dust, flying objects, or any infectious materials. Masks are very important to protect ourselves from the transmission of harmful diseases through airways.

Due to the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, wearing masks is an important part of our life which is going to stay for a longer period of time. According to the medical guidelines here is the list of the people who should wear masks as because they are at the higher risks of getting infected or seriously ill.

  •         People of every age group who is suffering from cold, cough, sneeze, sore throat

  •         The frontline workers or the healthcare workers who are working at the clinic, as for them it is very important to use personal protective equipment so that they can stay healthy while doing the treatments

  •         People who have tested positive of covid 19 or who are waiting for the result of their test

  •         If anyone who is at risk of getting covid 19 but not under the care of health facilities

  •         Ages people or people above 60 years old

  •         People who are already suffering from any chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancer, etc

  •          The general public should also wear a face shield or face masks to protect themselves from harmful infectious viruses.

Pros of wearing face shields

The best benefit of wearing a face shield mask is that it can protect your entire face at once, including all the major parts of the face that is nose, mouth, and eyes which can be considered as the gateway of germs and bacteria.

The plastic shield doesn’t allow the bacteria to reach the sensitive spots of the face from where it can spread all over the respiratory system. The face shields are reusable and easily washable which makes them durable and long-lasting.

Cons of wearing face shields

The face shields are highly recommended by the government to protect the people from the deadly virus, but the lack of awareness among the people regarding how to wear a mask can cause several problems. The face shield is helpful only when worn properly or else it can transmit the virus and make the person very ill.

The face shield can be very uncomfortable for people who are planning to cover a longer distance by walking while wearing the face shields. It can be a bit bulky as well, it can create some trouble in breathing and you also need to speak very loudly so that the other person can hear properly.


Unlike many other masks face shield needs a little extra care to maintain the effectiveness of the shield. These shields are easily washable with hands or within the washing machines. The masks can get steamy and foggy if you are continuously wearing them for a longer time, at the same time it allows people to avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth at the same time. 

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