Are You Looking for Higher Productivity in Employees? Employment Screening Services Is the Aid For You

The greatest asset of a company is its employees. Employees make up a team and play a major role in the company's success. The bigger a company is, the more staff it hires. The workload on the company to plan, interview and review every detail of the candidate becomes tricky during recruitment. Employment screening services (ESS) come to the rescue of companies to minimize this pressure. The employment screening services industry holds a lot of potential for growth owing to the increasing need for companies to outsource the screening procedure.

What Role Does Employment Screening Services Industry Play?

It takes a lot to hire a suitable candidate based on every company's work culture. There are certain prerequisites followed before hiring a candidate. The ESS providers take care of all of them.

  • Background check of the candidate

  • Work experience

  • Reason for quitting/leaving the previous company

  • Gathering reference checks

  • Knowing the purpose of joining the current company

  • Salary expectations

  • Capability of handling pressures

Employment screening service companies ease the process of first-stage screening of a candidate. Apart from these, there are other vital things to get the right person on duty. ESS handles them too. They are:

  • Inspection of Social Media Handles-

The world has transformed digitally. Social media handling and response to comments speak a lot about a person's nature. Employee screening services go through the candidate's social media handles for the right choice to be made.

  • Criminal History Screening-

The biggest threat to a company can be an employee having any criminal record. Assembling legal data from the court can be a difficult task for companies. Hence, ESS is essential as a savior for escaping from future troubles.

  • In-depth background check-

Companies sometimes overlook crucial and hidden details of the candidate in the recruitment stage. Later, this affects the work environment regularly. Thus, an in-depth background check is essential to avoid post-hiring complications in the company.

  • Safety and Security –

Sexual harassment can be a major concern for company owners. They can land in huge trouble if the wrong employee is hired. For the safety and security of the current employees, the right scrutiny has to be done for identity fraud and other criteria.

  • Screening of Drug Intake-

Employee screening services ensure that candidates complete a drug screening. Addiction in any form by the employees can create an imbalance in a company's culture, productivity, and atmosphere.
Should Companies Opt for Employee Screening Services?
Choosing the right people for a company and weeding out the people the company no longer needs is tedious. Everyone has their expertise. It's best to outsource some of the work since,

  • Reduced work pressure on the HR team

  • Proper Utilisation of time to focus on growth

  • Job applicants who pass the ESS are genuine and could add value to the company

  • Get rid of negligence and mistakes in the hiring process

  • Minimizes employee turnover rate

An Added Advantage for the Candidates Too
At times, it becomes awkward for a candidate to showcase all their details to the company hiring them. But, when a third party comes into the picture, all the information is secretly kept and not leaked. It makes the employee comfortable to share everything about them. This makes them more loyal and productive at work.

Need of the Hour- ESS

An analysis by the employment screening services industry reflects that the need for companies to extend their recruitment process to employment screening services is due to the following reasons:

  • Manual checking of resumes can take away a week from the team. But with employment screening service companies that use artificial intelligence, the time can be effectively managed.

  • Incompetence, unethical, and fraud applications by candidates urged the need for the employment screening service industry.

This effectiveness of ESS has triggered progress in the market. According to the employment screening service industry analysis, the market is expected to reach 7.26 billion USD by the end of 2030.

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